Love Someone Who Brings You More Happiness

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Love someone who gives you sunshine on rainy days. Someone whose one touch immediately brings warmth to your skin when you’re cold. Someone who’s going to do everything in this world to not let the smile in your lips fade because seeing you in a state of joy is an achievement to them. Watching you live your everyday life with no worry gives their hearts peace.

Love someone who doesn’t let go of your hands when you feel troubled. Someone who tries to calm you down by their words, by their presence, by their care.

Someone who buries you in a hug when you’re about to cry. Someone who understands, feels, and recognizes all your pain.

Love someone who helps you build your future because they want to be part of it. They want to be beside you when you celebrate your success. They want to see the glimmer in your eyes after all your hard work and sacrifices pay off. They want to witness your victory, kiss you in both cheeks, and whisper to your ears that yes, you do deserve it.

Love someone who genuinely wants you to be happy — and treasure them. Tell them how thankful you are that the world has placed them in your life. Show them how special they are to you as well. And let them know that because of them, all the problems in life become bearable.

All the times when no one seems to care about what you’re going through, they are always there to listen to you. They are immediately within your reach when you badly need someone to comfort you. They are ready to offer their shoulders for you to rest your head on.

Love someone who believes in your potential.

Someone who doesn’t give up rooting for you even if you did something disappointing. But instead encourages you to not be afraid of trying again. They support you to stand back up and continue to fight for your dreams.

Love someone who respects your decisions in choosing what your heart wants over what’s acceptable by society. Someone who doesn’t judge you when the whole world appears to be against your side. Someone who applauds you for your bravery and honesty.

Not everyone is going to approve your passion in life, but there is always that one person who nudges you to pursue the dreams that you have in mind.

Love someone who brings light to your chest, who clears your mind with destructive thoughts, who fills your soul with flames.

Love someone who makes you feel strong and hold on to them. Allow them to help you when you’re weak. Allow them to take good care of you and guide you when you’re lost.

Allow them to enter your life and make a difference in it.

Love someone whose goal is to provide you a lifetime supply of happiness. Someone who admires you and does his or her best to give you everything that you deserve. Someone who makes your life more colorful.

Love someone who wants to have a better life with you.
And keep them close to your heart as much as you can. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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