How To Tell When You’re Falling In Love

  • You suggest dates like breakfast at Tiffany’s, and take-out to eat-in, and walks on the beach at night.
  • You buy new underwear and wear it.
  • You think of them at inopportune moments, like in the shower or on your way to work or in the middle of a meeting when you should be paying attention but you cannot pay attention because you are thinking about the person with whom you’re falling in love.
  • You wait for he or she to suggest, via Facebook, that the two of you are in a relationship.
  • You make your bed in the morning of a day at the end of which a date may possibly end in your bed.
  • You consider buying roses – no matter how wilted – from that weird guy under the overpass.
  • You agree to see movies you don’t want to see, and you even pretend, after, that you enjoyed these movies you didn’t want to see.
  • You use we and us, mostly to your friends, but sometimes to the other part of we and us, almost as if you’re testing how the words we and us sound when used to link the two of you.
  • You become a morning person, or a night owl, or a combination of the two, if only to extend the time you get to spend with this person.
  • You memorize lyrics to songs by his or her favorite musicians, and you set-up Google alerts on topics that interest them so you sound like you know what you’re talking about, when talking about these topics that interest them.
  • You hunt for things on eBay that might make thoughtful romantic loving gifts.
  • You wait for text messages that may not come, and e-mails that may not come, and you look for hidden meanings in messages and e-mails like: How’s your day, and Do you have plans tonight? and Can’t make it tonight; bummed.
  • You want to say I love you, but you don’t want to be the first to say I love you.
  • You begin counting how long the two of you have been dating – first in days, then in weeks, and then in months.
  • Your interest in other people wanes then stops.
  • You wonder if you have passed the point when The Rules will work.
  • You read things like How To Tell When You’re Falling In Love to see if what you’re feeling is love or something like love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark
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