10 Things I Hate About You And 10 Things I Love About You

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10 Things I Hate About You

1. I hate the way you half-snore, half-whistle when you sleep.

2. I hate the dirt under your toe nails.

3. I hate your compulsion to sleep with your head under a pile of pillows.

4. I hate how easily swayed you are by your mothers opinions.

5. I hate how you smoosh the wasabi in your saucer of soy sauce when we’re at Japanese restaurants.

6. I hate how you take unnecessarily long showers.

7. I hate that t-shirt of yours with the rip in the back that you’ve had since you were 18 and that you insist on wearing.

8. I hate it when you prefer to watch sports that talk to me.

9. I hate the way you turn most things into a joke as an attempt to avoid reality, or more pointedly, vulnerability.

image - Flickr / jeronimo sanz
image – Flickr / jeronimo sanz

10 Things I Love About You

1. I love the way you kiss me as if you might go on kissing me forever.

2. I love your princely hands.

3. I love how you improvise in the evenings on the piano.

4. I love the way you drive my car when I’m too tired or lazy.

5. I love your well proportioned ankles and calves.

6. I love how chivalrous you are with your grandmother.

7. I love how natural and fun you are with animals and children.

8. I love the smell of your neck.

9. I love your magicians eyes.

10. I love how bent and cooky your humour can be and that we can roll around on the bed making strange animal noises and laughing at jokes that no one else would understand. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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