The ‘American Horror Stories’ Season 3 Trailer Is Insane (And Here Are The 4 Best Moments)

Sometimes you just need a bite of something scary. Often the short films and short stories of the horror world hit way harder than the long-form frights. They have to jam all the spooky scares into a bite-size package–and that’s probably why I’m way more of a fan of American Horror Stories, the anthology spin-off. If you want a break from American Horror Story: Delicate, there’s a new season of Stories out October 26, 2023 only on Hulu. American Horror Stories Season 3 features four spooky episodes to get you in the Halloween spirit. And the trailer? It’s insane. Here are the best moments.

This terrifying “Life’s a Drag” costume.

FX on Hulu

Honestly, I don’t even care what kind of horrors this girl is about to go through. (And it’s several based on her run-in with a vice later in the trailer.) But this costume? It’s all kinds of fierce. Imagine arriving to school with this whack-a-doodle costume while everyone else is dressed up as cowboys and Barbies for Halloween. You’d probably want to be this girl if you weren’t her already. 10s across the board.

This sexy surgery moment.

FX on Hulu

Who can make surgery sexy? Emily Browning, apparently. When you’re stealing organs from men in motel rooms, I guess you don’t have to follow PPE protocols. It turns out that old urban legend about getting your organs stolen and sold on the black market are back and sexier than ever, apparently.

This tapeworm giving off mad Ozempic vibes.

FX on Hulu

What’s more 2023 than a story about going through drastic measures to lose weight? All the now rail-thin celebs on our IG timelines are certainly proof enough that being skinny is back. (Yikes.) Add in the heebie-jeebies that come with the thought of a parasitic tapeworm living inside you and you have this still from “Tapeworm.” Sorry, I think we might have to draw the line at eating this wriggling thing.  (Worst of all, this one’s based on reality, since tapeworms were ingested in the past to lose weight. And now I’m put off my lunch…)

These creepy face masks, because masks have a whole new meaning now.

FX on Hulu

Now that we’re all so well-acquainted with face masks thanks to the pandemic, it’s surprising that American Horror Stories came up with an even more horrifying way to wear them. I’m sure the rest of this episode will be scary already, but there’s something about these masks and how they tie on that leaves me cringing. I don’t like it, and I mean that in a good way.

Check out the trailer for American Horror Stories Season 3 here, and get ready for all four episodes on October 26, 2023, only on Hulu.

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