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What to Expect From Each Episode of ‘American Horror Stories’ Season 3 — “Feed Your Fears”

Everything we know about ‘American Horror Stories’ Season 3. You’ll be clutching your metaphorical pearls.

American Horror Stories,  a spin-off of the Ryan Murphy-helmed horror anthology American Horror Story, dives into different narratives — from the grotesque and grisly to the suspenseful and sensual — with each episode. The first two seasons gave viewers a window into creepy dollhouse shenanigans, the summoning of the infamous Bloody Mary, an unforgettable night in the woods, the screening of a forbidden film, an unnerving haunted house, and many more thrilling adventures. Though not as critically acclaimed as its predecessor, the series carries the same creepy aura and blood-curdling imagery. So, when it comes to season three, there’s one thing you can count on: tense discomfort. 

American Horror Stories Season 3 drops on Hulu on October 26 as part of the streamer’s Huluween extravaganza. Though initially slated for four episodes, recent reports indicate that there will be a secret fifth episode — of which the narrative details remain undisclosed. So, let’s break down what we know about each season 3 episode. 

FX has released short synopses for each of the primary episodes. 

Episode 1: “Bestie” 

Following the loss of her mother, a grieving young woman seeks out a connection online, and, if we can predict anything about AHS tales, her existence likely comes to hang in the balance. 

  • Primary Cast: Cast: Emma Halleen, Jessica Barden, Seth Gabel, Amrou Al-Kadhi, Jeff Hiller

Episode 2: “Daphne” 

Sticking with the A.I. craze witnessed recently in the latest season of Black Mirror in “Joan is Awful,”, the unapologetically ludicrous horror-comedy M3gan, and the box office flop The Creator, Daphne will follow the relationship between a smart device and its user — whom it grows uncomfortably attached to. 

  • Primary Cast: Reid Scott, Allegra Heart, Annie Hamilton, Christopher Fitzgerald

Episode 3: “Tapeworm” 

We have a feeling this episode will heavily (presumably metaphorically and literally) make good on the “feed your fears” messaging that flashes across the trailer in dripping, blood-red capital letters. In short, the episode follows an up-and-coming model who will stop at nothing to feed her hunger for success, including stomaching a tapeworm to eat without the consequence of weight gain. 

  • Primary Cast; Laura Kariuki, Hazel Graye, Lisa Rinna, Rob Yang
American Horror Stories Season 3
‘American Horror Stories’ Season 3 | FX Networks

Episode 4: “Organ” 

A blind date – scheduled via an online dating app — goes awry. How this plot synopsis lends way to the title “organ” already has our minds imagining the worst possible scenarios. It will be interesting to see how many AHS enthusiasts delete their Tinders, Bumbles, Hinges, and what have you after streaming this blood-splattering spectacle. Never trust a photo. 

  • Primary Cast: Raúl Castillo, Laila Robins,  Emily Browning, Havana Rose Liu, 

Episode 5: “Backrooms” 

Information concerning episode five is being kept under wraps, but with the title “Backrooms” — and prior episodes focusing on human anatomy and tangential topics — maybe it will dissect what goes on in secret medical facilities behind closed doors. 

With a teaser trailer that features a crying young woman, a murderous lady, an all-dolled up and professional-looking Lisa Rinna, self-mutilation (that seems unavoidable and externally influenced), and many a melodramatic moment, AHS season 3 is destined to be anything but predictable. And, here’s to hoping that multiple episodes drop beyond the first five, as the previous two seasons were seven and eight episodes, respectively.

Stream Season 3 of American Horror Stories on Hulu on October 26, 2023.

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