30 People On What Annoys Them About New Yorkers


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1. [deleted]

Me: Oh man this is a great _______ ! New Yorker: Oh you think this _______ is good? You should try the ________ they sell on 57th and Lex, its so much better! Me: -____-
This, over, and over, and over again. Doesn’t even need to be a native New Yorker, anyone who has lived in New York for more than 6 months WILL do this.

2. smarterchild1998

It’s not really people born and bred in NYC that bother me… in fact, the people that I know who were actually raised in the city are very friendly, polite, hospitable, warm people. They are kind of odd, I must admit. I can’t really put my finger on it…
It’s more the people who are temporary transplants that piss me off… the people that immediately pick up on all of the most annoying characteristics after being there for a short amount of time. I assume those are the people that think it’s a “thing” to be really impatient, loud, obnoxious, fast paced, and really embrace those habits once they move in and think they are bonafide New Yorkers. And there are people from anytown U.S. that have always thought they were “above” their hometown/upbringing and moved to NYC to raise their standards. There are a lot of fakes in NYC that are smug, full of shit.

3. PackerAmerica

Their city looks nothing like an apple.

4. PhilosophicWax

As a New York expat it really annoys me that everyone who has never lived in New York assumes New Yorkers = Manhattanites.

5. R99

World’s 4th biggest city, 1st biggest ego.

6. diskimone

Yankees fans who don’t know anything about baseball except that the Yankees have won more World Series than any other team. And they have to tell you about that all the time.

7. [deleted]

I ran a business in North Carolina and we had a film crew from NYC show up for the day. First thing right out of the gate, “Hi, we’re from New York.” Okay, fine, now get to work. But no, they didn’t let up ALL FREAKING DAY. It was New York this, and New York that. Who freaking cares? At one time the crew’s producer came into my office and said, “I need to use your phone. I can’t get a signal, and I need to call New York! I let him use my phone. We were laughing at them in the reception area, and he comes outside, “Can you keep it down, I have New York on the line!” It was freaking hilarious. When they left my secretary said,”You know what? Those people were from New York City! So important!” We had a good laugh at that. From then on anytime someone acted uppity we would say, “Maybe they are from New York.”

8. fukyosadface

Nothing at all, honestly i would give anything to be one of them. But ofcourse people find out im from Alabama and see me as some glorified Redneck from Hickvill, usa that wears camo, eats roadkill and drives a pick-up truck. For the record I only wear camo when im hunting, Ive only eaten roadkill ONCE and i do NOT drive a pick up truck, my daddy does.

9. b00ger

Why do they honk their horns when they’re stuck in traffic? Or when they’re not? Or basically, all the fucking time? Annoying everyone around you does not make the other cars go faster, it just increases the ambient assholeness levels.


constantly dropping names of streets like every american should know where 115th is
getting tons of replies about this one ^ Its not about navigation, its about knowing what type of neighborhood 115th is from 75th. The notion that I should know about said neighborhood is arrogant, I have heard many new yorkers have this feeling. Its as if I should know what it implies about said neighborhood if the party is on 5th vs 152nd, I dont know about the freaking neighborhood, but many new yorkers act as if other people not from there should.

11. trollMD

A lot of New Yorkers can’t even comprehend why anyone would want to live anywhere else. I went to med school in NYC and applied to a bunch of residencies there as a back up but I wanted to go out west. The look on people’s faces when I would tell them Columbia or Cornell would make an OK safety program but I was really hoping to go to Colorado or Utah. Priceless

12. KruegersNightmare

I have been living in NY for over a year now, and it is the only city in the US I have ever lived in, so I don’t know if what I say is specific for NY.
First of all, people are generally great and very friendly and the city isn’t scary at all. My whole neighborhood is very connected and people are very polite and nice. I was warned before coming here that I shouldn’t make eye contact with people, and I like to check out people around me a bit- not stare of course, just notice. Totally untrue- its enough to just look at a person for a sec and they actually smile. So generally everything is positive.
What bothers me though is how hard it is once you get to know some people to actually get them to do and enjoy stuff. It’s like everyone has 10 000 things they can’t eat or drink, and every order takes forever, and even if someone brings stuff like cupcakes or alcohol you can bet only rare will indulge and most will just abstain from everything. I am so tired of all the non-fat, decaf, blah blah blah… Just getting people to go and have a beer is hard. Then there are people you meet in a pub and they are great, and exist, but seem to be older and smarter.
And people are a bit too busy or too stressed about things I personally don’t find that stressful. Like everyone is always overwhelmed. They are all great in theory, want to do stuff, everything is awesome, but then have all these restrains to enjoy anything even for a bit. And like I said before with food and drinks, they just complicate a lot with simple stuff, lack some spontaneous behavior and flexibility.
And they talk often with this annoying voice, even people I know are smart and fun sound like retards when i just meet them cause they do that voice… I don’t know how to describe it, but it is fake, and seems to take energy to do. Like as if they are constantly talking to a child or sth, not sure if it is the best description.
And a complaint about NY- it is just really too expensive. You can’t just go out and have a few beers if you have $10-$20 on you, you will get nothing. So maybe I understand why they don’t hang out as much as I am used to be out. You can’t really have options, I am a person who can really have cheap fun, but not here.
Otherwise it’s really cool and fun with the nicest people in the world… at least on the surface.
Most important, its insane- EVERYONE is always actively looking for a relationship, I have never seen anything like this before. Like looking to marry anyone they meet and constantly in it. Obsessively.
And people are very direct and don’t respect privacy much. They interview you all the time. That is very odd for me cause I am a bit shy and used to be very careful about what I ask others, slowly getting more personal the more I know people and letting them open up the way they feel comfortable rather then just interrogate. Sometimes it is cool, but I had occasions where I thought it should be clear I don’t want to talk about sth to someone who is almost a stranger, but they would just insist or seem oblivious.

13. Season6Episode8

When I hear them say things like “Only in New York!” and then talk about something quirky they saw. Quirky things happen in every large city, New York isn’t special.

14. tomkaz

New York is not the capital of the planet, sorry.

15. Stijakovic

It’s pronounced “Marr-io,” not “Mare-io.” He freaking says it himself on the start-up screen.

16. TheMightyCE

I’m Australian. When I was in New York a few years back I sat down in a Starbucks (I was going to say coffee shop but I don’t think Starbucks can legally be categorised as such). I said hi to someone that was at the table and they said, “That’s an interesting accent. Where are you from?”
“I’m Australian, mate,” says I.
“Australia, that’s that giant ice continent isn’t it?”
That’s fine. He’s American so his knowledge of anything outside of America is lacking, so I explain.
“No mate, you’re thinking of Antarctica. Australia’s north if that. South of here. Kangaroos, koalas, boomerangs, we used to have Aboriginals and there’s a big rock in the middle.”
“No no no. It’s an ice continent. You have 40 million people there.”
“Mate I have no idea what you’re talking about, because I can’t think of an ice continent with 40 million people on it. I’m from Australia. We have wombats.”
“No no no. I read it in a school book.”
It was at this point that I realised that I couldn’t convince this guy that I knew more about the country I was from than he did. Or didn’t as the case was.
“Fine, fuck it, I live in an igloo.”
That attitude was pretty common in New York. People without knowledge pretending they had some.

17. cuntymcgee

the accent…god I fucking hate that accent

18. wowabanana

Not all New Yorkers, but the ones that think that New York style pizza is the best, and the ones that look down on me for putting ketchup on a hotdog. Nevermind, I guess it’s mostly a Chicago thing and I must have experienced a rare occurrence. Still, I put everything on my hot dogs, fuck you.

19. kevind23

The fact that “New Yorkers” means people from NYC. Excuse me, but there’s a whole state attached to the tumor of a city.

20. preptopro

they think that because im from texas i ride a horse.
I live in Houston the 4th largest city in America and Horses are for rich people i ride a pig.

21. sturulessf

That goddamned Jay-Z Alicia Keys song.


As someone who lives in NYC, the thing that annoys me about New Yorkers are the people who live in Manhattan and never leave. Manhattan is literally the least fun part of the entire city. Greenpoint, Fort Greene, Cobble Hill, Williamsburg, LIC, Astoria, Gowanus , Williamsburg, Bushwick etc. Thats were the interesting things are happening. So if you visit NYC, skip time square and get out of the glorified disneyworld that Manhattan has become. edit: All of NYC is pretty fucking interesting and everyone who lives here should go and explore some areas they dont know well / have never even been to.

23. Seventh_Choice

I hate how New Yorkers are so proud to be from New York, like it’s such a rare and special thing. The population of NYC is over 8 million. That doesn’t make you special; it makes you 1 of 8 million. As a matter of fact, about 2 percent of the entire US population lives in New York.

24. graygami

NY pizza is not the end-all-be-all of fucking pies. Like most parts of the country. There is excellent pie (Co) and then there’s shitty pie (2 bros pizza, and every pizza vendor near times square.)
There i said it.

25. cdigioia

Let me be comment #3923…if this is upvoted/downvoted by a single person, I’ll just be happy that somebody read it.
Problem: Thinking their city is the best in the world, when they haven’t really traveled anywhere. It’s fine to think its the best (its subjective), but not to assume it so strongly, and with no data.
I’ve traveled 25 countries so far – of the large developed cities, New York actually seemed the shittiest to me. Because (edit: and I’m only referring to Manhattan here, since that’s the famous/erroneously synonymous/unique bit)
1.) The architecture isn’t new enough to be awe-inspiring (Shanghai, Hong Kong, etc.), nor old enough to be fun and interesting (London, Paris, etc.). It’s just…old, like dying-grandpa old, not Roman construction old.
2.) Manhattan is like a sardine can – the densest of any large developed city on earth. People think Tokyo – but no, mostly the buildings only go up to 5 or 6 stories (earthquakes) or maybe Seoul (nope, big spaces between the tall buildings). Nowhere else has buildings creating artificial canyons like that for blocks on end. Cool to see, but shit to actually live in. Edit: Someone challenged this – so looked it up – yup, Manhattan is more dense than the densest city on earth (Mumbai). Link to comment (links to wikipedia are in middle)
3.) Since everything is so old (yet again – not old enough to actually be cool), it’s like living in the GDP per capita of the 1920s. Cramped public restrooms, cramped stairs in restaurants, bizarre-o interior layouts of department stores, etc.
4.) Most everything about America that is unique in a good way, New York lacks:
Easy/free parking
Huge supermarkets
Big box stores where you can buy everything
Great Nature (this isn’t exactly unique, but many places lack this – even in US suburbs – squirrels and birds and shit coming right up to your window)
5.) I dislike that in New York (and the NE in general), you can easily tell someone’s social/education background by their accent. Seems too stratified.
6.) “Only in New York!” – fuck off, you’ve been nowhere else so what the fuck do you know. Stop saying that.
7.) Dirty-ass subway. Worst I’ve ever seen in that regard (that’s out of…16 so far I can think of that I’ve been on, that’s enough). I will however, give it props for being open 24/7. Still, why does everything look like a hobo wiped their ass with it? Is cleaning that hard?
8.) Places lock their public restrooms/require purchase/paying for restroom. Shittier about that than any other US city in that regard. Or most world cities.
9.) Too self-indulgently quirky. Like the grilled-cheese delivery service. No other city would have people (for awhile) ordering those; it’s retarded. Nor have lines around a block for cupcakes. Nor, nor…a million other “quirky” behaviors. This is related to the “Only in New York!” Stop trying to be a “New Yorker” and just live your fucking life like every other city’s inhabitants does.
10.) I prefer to have a nice even 10. No, wait – a weak assertion – it seemed like a great deal of native New Yorkers had never even left the city. I’ve never gotten that vibe in any other developed-nation city.
Great place to visit and I always recommend people go – it’s sardine-can style/man-made canyons of buildings are very unique, and it is in the upper grouping of most important world cities (no, it can’t be argued to be #1 – there is no #1 anymore, it’s just the upper grouping with London, Tokyo, etc.), and many famous places are there. To live there? Screw that. Shittiest developed-country big city I’ve ever seen.

26. El_7

When they move out to the west coast and complain that all the people here are stupid and lack culture (As someone who moved to Cali from NJ I definitely had this chip on my shoulder when I first moved out here) When really they are just mad that West Coasters could give half a shit about NYC. Yeah we get it you have good pizza, but admit it you got shit for Mexican food!

27. brorack_brobama

All the fucking movies/shows that are located in NYC. Like, I’m thinking 70% of RomComs/romance, 30% of action, 100% disaster movies, 80% alien movies, 50% of sitcoms…Jesus Christ there’s other places in the world. 300,000,000 Americans do not live in New York City.

28. bcwhitty14

As a person from Boston, fucking everything.

29. emmyla

Serious comment: I have friends who were born and raised in NYC, and when they came to visit me in Seattle they were amazed that there was actual civilization on the west coast. I don’t remember the exact words, but one said something like “I always thought that everything happened in New York, and the further away you were the less important you were. I understand that Tokyo has some relevancy, but I thought everything else was just filled with sheep living in suburbs.” The same people couldn’t understand what the local economy was based on. I tried mentioning various companies (boeing, microsoft, etc), but they didn’t see how anyone had any jobs since everything important happened in New York. I feel this same general attitude from my relatives on the east coast. They have always tried to get me to visit so that I could experience “culture”…. like no other culture exists or is as important. This “culture” primarily consisted of museums, plays, and fancy dinners with famous intellectuals. All good stuff, but for my entire life they’ve written off my life and experiences as somehow lesser, because I’m in a more “laid-back” area.

30. Tr33x0rs

They’re rude assholes. I take phone calls for a living, and 90% of people I speak to with a New York accent, are rude as hell. Seems that people from New England, specifically Massachusetts, and New York are more rude than the rest of the country. Get over yourselves. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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