45 Men Share Their Horrifying “Psycho Ex” Stories

42. She sends me emails saying ‘ARE YOU HAPPY YOU MURDERED YOUR SON?’

“I come home from work and she’s out on the balcony on the other side of the bars crying. The phone’s ringing (back when people had land lines) so I pick it up and it’s her mom begging me to talk her back in side… apparently she was upset that she could not quit smoking and assumed I was going to dump her so was going to kill herself.

I grabbed her cat and told her “If you die your cat will be sad”

That got her to come back in side. I told her I would not dump her if she was having trouble quitting smoking. So then she gets really really angry that her mom told me and mad at me for knowing.

She leaves the apartment and then starts calling me to SCREAM at me. “HOW FUCKING DARE YOU! HOW FUCKING DARE YOU MAKE ME FEEL THIS EMBARRASSED”

I end things by telling her to be out of my place by Monday, I’m going to visit friends for the weekend. Don’t be in my place Sunday or I’ll have the cops with me. A month later after she moves out she emails me AT WORK saying she’s pregnant and coming after me for ‘everything you got you stupid man.’

I ask for proof… she sends me scan of her doctor’s report saying she’s preggers…. I ask for proof it’s mine (I’m snipped but never tell anybody I am intimate with) she can’t. So she aborts it and then sends me emails saying “ARE YOU HAPPY YOU MURDERED YOUR SON?”

Fuck me.”



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