Creepy Last Words: What 29 People Said Right Before Dying

29. “Tomorrow I’ll be dead and so will you.”

“When my grandmother was dying someone had to me with her all day, one night my cousin volunteered to sit with her and was just talking with a half-lucid woman. The house she lives in was creepy, the lights from the family room didn’t reach the stairs or the hallway so the light you had was it. Around 1AM my grandmother starts making faces at the stairs and when my cousin asks what’s wrong grandma responds ‘I just wish that man on the stairs would quit staring at us.’

Later on into the night my cousin mentions how more family is arriving the next day and grandma says ‘well it doesn’t matter, tomorrow I’ll be dead and so will you.’

My cousin didn’t volunteer to sit with Grandma after that night.”

peppermint_toad TC mark


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