Creepy Last Words: What 29 People Said Right Before Dying

26. “Help, they’re torturing me.”

“I had a resident at end of life on comfort care. I went into say goodbye and she opened her eyes, looked right at me, and said ‘Help, they’re torturing me.’ It was awful, she was drugged to hell and gone but obviously still feeling pain.”


27. “I see the line. Tell mom I’ll be back.”

“I’m a paramedic—an elderly woman (cc of dizziness) grabbed my arm and asked me to tell the man with no head to get off of her dresser. She coded immediately after, from NSR to asystole like someone snapped their fingers.

A second one was a 9-year-old struck by a vehicle—he said, ‘I see the line. Tell mom I’ll be back.’ His eyes rolled back in his head, and he went into v-tach. We worked him all the way to the hospital, and for another 40 minutes in the trauma bay before he passed.”


28. “Why are they here?”

“My grandmother when dying—told my mum (her daughter)—‘no, I do want to go yet’ and kept asking my mum, ‘why are they here?’ She (grandma) realized she was making the transition.”



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