100 People Name The Person In Their Office They Hate The Most

71. Christine

“Christine was a habitual liar and a master manipulator. She would come off as a super mom, hard worker, and just the greatest friend. She would lie about things like ‘miscarriages,’ her house, her kids, and oh needed 4 and a half months off a desk job for a sprained wrist. But she still walked the dog, raked leaves, went on vacation, and hung out with her kids.

Ironically, she sprained her wrist right around the time she was hoping to get a leave from work to be with her kids as she was going through a divorce. Came back to work and didn’t understand why no one was excited she came back.”


72. Donna

“Fuck you, Donna. I’ve been here more days than you this whole year AND I took maternity leave.”



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