100 People Name The Person In Their Office They Hate The Most

58. Brad

“This was at last job I had, but just thinking about it still makes me rage….

Brad was a decent dude normally, hard worker, genuinely concerned about helping out our customers. But Brad had a bad habit of complaining about his wife and how she ‘abused’ him constantly, and constantly claiming to be an ‘abused spouse.’ He told us he cheated on her once a few years back, and she was paranoid about him doing it again so kept him ‘under her thumb’. Ordinarily this would be understandable, but he probably just said the words ‘I’m an abused spouse’ every 15 minutes followed by some random text he’d just gotten from her.

I kinda felt bad for the guy. But you can only hear someone casually mention being ‘abused’ so many times after having actually been through it yourself and almost being killed. Maybe it was just me but it got to the point where even his voice started grating on my nerves.”


59. Jennifer


She refuses to do a lot of her job and people just excuse it because she doesn’t ‘like people,’ but her whole job is about interacting with people…Everyone makes excuses for her and it makes me feel bad because I work my butt off to do my job well, and she just kinda picks and chooses what parts of her job she wants to do and fills the rest of her time doing fun projects that aren’t part of the job description.”



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