100 People Name The Person In Their Office They Hate The Most

36. Harpreet

“Harpreet. Disrespectful, selfish, loud, talks to much and continues talking when others and I show signs of disinterest, rude to customers, rude to coworkers. One time he yelled ‘WHITE POWER’ out the window for no reason. I’m white and he’s Indian, and that shit was not cool and definitely could have gotten our store in trouble. He gets written up quite often for no-call-no-shows. Also for being rude to customers. Can’t wait ’til he gets fired.”


37. Kevin

“Ugh. Kevin. I was top salesperson in 2016. Kevin was in last place. My sales topped 400K in 2016. His was 123K.

He screwed up more orders than anyone. Management hates him. He’s a nepotism hire, though. I tell them either I switch departments or he does.

I got moved to service. He’s still in sales with 30K in margin for the year. I was in sales for two weeks in January and made 45K in sales.

No one likes him. He was a truck driver before. We sell IT to the government.

To top it off…he’s a practicing Mormon but only practicing the parts he likes.”



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