100 People Name The Person In Their Office They Hate The Most

33. Brenda

“Her name is Brenda. She is literally the dumbest moron alive. I was promoted from tier-1 tech support to tier-2 tech support and she was moaning and groaning about why it wasn’t her. I should mention. The ISP I work for has tools for both DSL and fiber connections. This ding dong was trying to put fiber-based issues in the DSL tool and DSL issues in the fiber tool.”


34. Debbie

“Fucking Debbie. She’s just SO LOUD. Every morning she comes in, she’s just screaming.”


35. Maggie

“Maggie. She’s about 63 and a former music teacher, she now works at an entry level data entry-ish job. The woman can hardly use a computer, gets irrationally angry any time you try to show her something ‘new,’ like how to search files, and then would get angry at the office at large because ‘why doesn’t anyone write this stuff down?!?!?.’ Because most people don’t need a flowchart to ~open containing folder~ . She also has zero self-awareness and I have many times watched people try to slowly back out of our room when they unwittingly get caught in an hour-long story about Maggie’s hundreds of family members. She always cries when she sees something on Facebook about a niece or nephew that is endearing. No fault there sometimes your touched, but DONT GET OUT OF YOUR CUBE TO COME TO SOMEONE ELSE’S TO show ME SHIT IDC ABOUT AND CRY. Also, she sings songs no one has ever heard before out loud at music teacher volume all day.”



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