100 People Name The Person In Their Office They Hate The Most

25. Sandra

“Sandra. Everything is a big drama to her, everything is an outrage or terrible. She’s always complaining or pissed off as though everything about the job is unfair. No one has any major issues and would be happy to just get on with things, but when she’s on a shift you know it’s going to be a slog.”


26. Lauren

“Lauren. Absolutely 200% Lauren. She comes in with a negative attitude, constantly says things like ‘I don’t want to be here,’ ‘why can’t I just go home,’ or ‘there’s no point in having me here today, they should’ve cut me.’ (I work in a restaurant so to be cut means to be released from work for the day.) I tried being nice to you, Lauren, I really did, but your constant negative attitude and the fact that you told everyone I was trying to hit on you when you first started definitely ruined my impression of you.

I wasn’t asking you out, I was trying to get you comfortable with everyone at work. For those of you wondering, when I asked her to go out for drinks my exact words were ‘Hey, a bunch of us are going out for drinks, do you want to come?’ She then proceeded to tell everyone she rejected my offer for drinks and that I got upset because she wouldn’t date me. I never got upset that you said no, Lauren. I got upset because you were spreading fake rumors and that’s why I don’t say a single word to you now.”



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