100 People Name The Person In Their Office They Hate The Most

20. Laura

“Laura—you’re not the manager, you’ve been here two months, stop trying to tell everyone what to do; we’re not going to do it. Also you left all the old ads up last night so the morning people had to rush to take them all down so we wouldn’t still have to give everyone 25% off. That was your only task last night!”


21. Phillipe


He milks time. He’s slow on purpose. He doesn’t divide work equally when he’s your partner.

If you even so much as giggle because he tripped over something he’ll sprinkle dirt and grass in your drink or hide your stuff. One guy turned the sprinklers on him as a funny haha (it was 86° F outside, and it happens to everyone at least once. It feels nice. It just can be annoying for like five minutes you get a tiny bit wet) and he threw the guy’s jacket in the urinal and danced on it on the bathroom floor.

He leaves his trash EVERYWHERE. You’re an adult, throw away your Capri Sun and Danimals yogurt cups when you’re done eating you lazy, gross fuck! I don’t want moldy gross yogurt cup with bugs in it on my equipment when I use it!

He’s stolen things. (Allegedly. This one is just what I’ve been told.)”



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