28 Women Confess The One Secret They Will NEVER Tell Their Boyfriend

16. I married primarily for financial security.

“That I married primarily for financial security.

I was born and raised in poverty; SO was reasonably successful with a good job and his own home. He was also a genuinely good person (too good for me) but I didn’t let that stop me. He proposed only a few months after we’d been dating and I said yes right away.

I’ve grown to love him (it wasn’t hard; he really is a wonderful person). I would never cheat or do anything to hurt him. I try to be the person I know he deserves and I feel we have a deep connection…now. But when he talks about how we met and how it was ‘love at first sight’ I just smile and don’t argue. He married me because he loved me. I married him because I was starving.”



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