23 People Describe The Horror Of Watching Someone Die Violently

16. The kid was unconscious, bleeding from both ears and his nose, and he didn’t have a tooth in his mouth anymore.

“I was in Aruba vacationing in the summer of 95. Chilling out at Eagle Beach. So I see a Seadoo with a kid at the controls and dad riding shotgun. They’re going at quite some speed and are looking and waving at mom who was standing next to me, filming them with a Handycam. So I see a speedboat slowly leaving shore and it’s evident he’s gonna cross paths with the Seadoo. I scream and wave at the Seadoo pointing ahead of them, but they still don’t look ahead. The boat (about 20 feet with a huge outboard) slams into reverse but a second later the Seadoo collides into its portside. The collision was so hard, the boat got lifted almost vertically in the water. Kid flew off the Seadoo and slammed his head/face into the boat. Mom’s screaming, probably filmed the whole accident. Next thing I know, the watersports rental guys jumped on wave runners and raced to the scene. They grabbed the kid by his life jacket and lifted him onto a wave runner and rushed back to shore. No regard for safeguarding his c-spine, but it was all out panic. They land right next to me and lay the boy on shore….Unconscious, bleeding from both ears and his nose and he didn’t have a tooth in his mouth anymore. Dad came to shore on the other WaveRunner. The collision was so hard that his swimming trunks got ripped off his body. Dude’s standing there naked except for the life jacket and screaming desperately at his son to wake up. They finally lifted the kid on a lounge bed, pushed him in a pickup truck and rushed to the hospital. But to no avail.

I think the kid died on impact. And if he hadn’t, they probably killed him when they hoisted him on the WaveRunner like that.

My buddy almost fainted. I was shocked and very, very saddened because of the whole situation. The parent ‘s cries where just heartbreaking.”


17. I saw a flaming man fall a good distance from the airplane wreck and splatter in the field.

“Was in the back seat of a car going down the highway saw a small plane that I thought was dropping flares. He suddenly starts gaining altitude real quick and the cockpit engulfs in flames, engine stalled and it starts to fall real quick. Plane crashes into a field on the side of the freeway and theirs a huge ass fireball. Pulled over and a bunch of people ran over with fire extinguishers to try and stop the flames. Their looking for the pilot and couldn’t find him. Right after they say he’s not in the wreck we hear yelling and a flaming man falls a good distance from the wreck and splatters in the field.

It was literally right off the side of the freeway like 50 feet. After it stalled he jumped out when it started falling no chute but the engine came back and it just dove faster than he did.

News article.”



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