It Sucks To Be A Man: 66 Guys Explain Why

54. We have no real choice in the ‘pro-choice’ debate.

“HER body?

HER choice?

YOUR responsibility!
All objections and arguments against this rely on double standards. If it’s not moral to force a woman to be responsible in any way for a child just because a pregnancy occurs, then the same for men or you’re a sexist. Just watch, they’ll prove me, and my username, correct with whiny, silent, butthurt downvotes and salty comments to follow bellow.”


55. We’re not allowed to point out double standards.

“When I point out sexism goes both ways I get called misogynistic.”


56. We can’t yell and scream in public like women can.

“A woman can yell and scream and wave her arms around when she’s upset—about anything, even the tiniest bullshit issue—and it’s fine… She’s empowered, she’s living large, she’s keeping it real, whatever. If a man shows his anger—even over something completely legitimate—in any physical/loud way, that’s not fucking cool. So, in short: Double standards & hypocrisy.”


57. We suffer nearly all workplace deaths.

“93% of workplace deaths, the majority of homeless (and there is one male shelter for every 120 women’s/children’s shelter), the majority of suicides.

We’re also the majority of domestic abuse victims, but men are less likely to report those crimes. And if they do report them, the cops are less likely to do anything about it.”


58. We’re told we’re ‘privileged’ while society ignores all our problems.

“Having society ignore your problems, which are plenty, then tell you you’re ‘privileged.’”


59. We’re expected to suffer all the worst fates in society.

“People don’t care at all about gender inequality when it comes to all the negatives of being a man. 97% of people in prison are men. 94% of people killed by police are men. 75% of homeless people are men. 76% of all suicides are men. 92% of workplace fatalities are men. Nobody gives a shit that pretty much all of the worst, life destroying things that can happen to a human overwhelmingly happen to men. There are no advocacy groups, no marches, no outrage, it’s just expected that men are the ones who suffer all the worst fates in society, but they are constantly begrudged when they also rise to the greatest heights.”


60. We’re automatically presumed to be the aggressor in all domestic disputes.

“I’m in high school, we have a health class. We recently covered a section about rape, abusive relationships, sexual assault, etc. What I caught on to pretty quickly is that every victim was a girl and every antagonist was a guy in the examples. At first, our health teacher made an effort to be gender neutral. Soon, ‘the reason it’s hard for somebody who is the victim of an abusive relationship to leave is that the abuser is very manipulative’ became ‘the reason it’s hard for a woman to leave an abusive relationship is that men are very manipulative.’ Whenever we watched a video about it in class, the male actor was violent and impulsive, while the female actress was innocent and harmless. Naturally, the guy ended up being the crazy rapist. Every. Single. Time. The thing that bothered me the most was rape statistics. Any time they were brought up, it would be ‘obviously, men are still raped but it happens so much more to women and it’s often more traumatic to women.’ There was so much emphasis placed on 1/4th of women to 1/7th of men. Men barely get raped, ever. When they do, they don’t even really mind anyways. And this was in a class full of 13-14 year olds. I honestly couldn’t believe it. It’s funny how the rape support group scenes always had 1 guy who barely talked and then 7 girls. It’s funny how these figurative rape victims are always referred to as ‘her’ and ‘she’. It’s funny how all of this advice on dealing with an abusive relationship only applies to women. It’s funny how men all apparently think rape is okay.

I’d never really thought about any gender issues too much, but that section in Health struck me as scathingly sexist. I tried to voice that opinion in class—respectfully and rationally—and of course the teacher (female) and half of the class (female) shut it down immediately. I hated that whole section so much. Sorry for ranting.”



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