25 People Talk About The Most Brutal Crime They Have Ever Been The Victim Of

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1. My uncle slammed me through a window in an attempt to kill me

“Had a crazy drunk uncle try to kill me for no reason.

Back when Smash 64 came out, my friend and I were glued to it. One night I had him over for a sleepover. We were like 13-14. I guess my mom got my uncle to babysit.

My uncle was always a real asshole, since I was a kid. I remember him just coming in my room and yelling at me for no reason when I was like 5. He was ex military, black belt, severe alcoholic.

So this asshole comes over, I didn’t even hear him there. Drinks a whole fifth of whiskey, falls out of a chair and apparently its my fault. I just heard him yelling my name, and I told my friend I would be right back. So I go out and he flips a table and flips out because I didn’t help him back into his chair when I didn’t even know he was at my apartment.

So I said, ‘It’s not my fault you’re drunk and fell, I didn’t even know you were here.’ And he flips out and slams me through a window. So here I am, glass all sticking out of my back, looking down 3 stories, and all that’s stopping me from falling is a guy who drank a fifth of whiskey.

Luckily the neighbors heard shit be for I even came out of my room and called the cops. So cops show up, he pulled me in at this exact moment and they immediately arrested his ass. I got real lucky on that one.

I went over after and thanked my neighbor’s and explained if they didn’t call the cops, he probably would have murdered me. I’ve always hated living in such close proximity to other people, but this time it saved my life.” — Skootchy

2. I was tied up and threatened at gunpoint

“Three guys with a gun jumped me outside of my apartment, beat me, and forced me inside where they tied me up, ransacked the place, threatened to shoot me, and made me to give them my pin numbers and call the bank to tell them everything was okay. Luckily an off duty cop drove by and spooked them, so they weren’t able to steal that much.” — Shintasama

3. A rapist almost choked me to death

“When I was 14, I was raped and nearly killed by a man who had learned my route when I walked home from school. I woke up in a wooded area a few feet away from the playground of my former elementary school naked, covered in grass stains and my blood, gasping for air because this dude decided to choke me until I lost consciousness. You have never had a nightmare until your dreams constantly let you re-live a brutal rape while listening to kids play in the distance.” — lil_beefer


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