27 Things Women Need To Know About Men (But Don’t)

4. We want you to start the conversation sometimes.

“Sometimes you should start the conversation. It’s not all on us to pick up your little cues that make sense only to you half the time.”

5. We’ve been conditioned to be ashamed of showing weakness.

“We aren’t walls of stone. We’ve just been conditioned to be ashamed of showing weakness. I’ve seen women ask men to open up and then not know what to do when it happens.”

6. We can’t always be the strong one.

“Sometimes being the rock in the relationship is slowly tiring us out.”

7. We would rather fix your problem than listen about it.

“If you come to us with something bothering you, our first reaction is to try and fix whatever that is so you feel better and we get points for making you feel better. It’s taken me a long time to figure out you girls don’t always want it fixed, you just need to tell somebody what’s bothering you.”

8. We have emotions, too.

“We have emotions, too.”


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