What Makes A Girl ‘Crazy’? 33 Guys Reveal The Biggest Red Flags

31. When she blocks in your car with her truck at your work.

“Never stick your d*ck in crazy. It’s not worth it. You only need to experience crazy once time in your life. I’ve blocked out almost all of the memories but one of the final interactions involved me calling the police because she blocked in my car with her truck at my work. Then she shows up at my apartment later. I was smart enough to tell my roommates not to open the door if she shows up. I woke up the next day with about 70 missed calls from her. Never ignoring red flags again…”


32. When she takes secret photos of you and posts them on Facebook.

“I’ve been here. Told this story multiple times. FWB with this girl. She was getting way too attached so I called it off. She bought me presents, made me food, stalked me, tried seducing me into loving her, threatened to have my kneecaps bashed in (haha that was funny), and even got an ex of mine involved. But what made her really crazy was all the pictures that she took that I never realized. It peaked with her putting up all these pictures of me on her Facebook under the album ‘Lying sack of shit.’ Pics of me with my son when I thought she wasn’t around, pics of me sleeping naked when I was alone in my apartment, pics of me shopping or at work. It peaked there then she just disappeared.”


33. When she calls herself crazy.

“When she calls herself crazy.”

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