What Makes A Girl ‘Crazy’? 33 Guys Reveal The Biggest Red Flags

19. Whatever is ‘creepy’ in a guy is ‘crazy’ in a girl.

“I’d say generally what a girl would say is creepy in a guy. That is, creepy in a guy is crazy in a girl. Things like stalker-ish behaviors, really off-the-cuff and inappropriate remarks, obsessive natures. When they are oblivious that the things they’re doing or saying are not acceptable to a majority of people and when most people would look at said behaviors and note something is wrong with them.”


20. When she asks for your social media passwords.

“Knowing or asking to know my passwords to social media. I really mean it when I say I have nothing to hide, you’ve already gone through my phone, and you are crazy if you want me to give you my credentials. Hell no!”


21. When she’s just completely irrational.

“Just complete irrationality. Accuse you of something but then refuse to listen to the rational explanation. Be all pissed off but refuse to say why. Scream over you during an argument when you are trying to talk. Hacking your Facebook. Searching through your phone. Searching through your computer. Checking Internet history. Catfishing your ex. Constant mood swings but denial about them. Silent treatment for over a week when you aren’t in the mood for sex after you calmly try to explain you are just really emotionally drained from work. Wanting to be ‘adored.’ Saying how lucky you are to have them. Getting mad for no reason every time you hang out with a group of people together.”


22. When she expects you to cheat just because you’re a man.

“If a woman seems to have an expectation that I’m going to cheat on her, it almost certainly won’t be true, because I simply won’t be there. If the expectation is that I will cheat, because I am a member of ‘all men.’ I have never cheated on a woman. In my whole life I think I’ve only met 2 men who have. If a woman is so scarred that she expects that behavior from me, she’s too far gone. Bye. So long. See ‘ya around.”



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