What Makes A Girl ‘Crazy’? 33 Guys Reveal The Biggest Red Flags

15. When she ‘argues’ with you about dialogue that only happened in her head.

“When you start to figure out that your ‘argument” has suddenly included a lot of dialogue that actually only happened inside of her head… Yeah, you got a crazy one.”


16. When she gets mad at you because she had a dream you cheated on them.

“If they get mad at you because they had a dream you cheated on them. True story.”


17. When she’s a complete slob but blames it on you.

“My ex girlfriend had this thing where she was barely employed, played LoL all day long in our apartment, never did any dishes and not once in the year before I threw her out took out the garbage. But she loved to tell anybody who would listen to her about how much of a slob I am (Meanwhile I did all of the cleaning and was only home 2-3 waking hours a day). So to answer your question…not being self-aware can make you batshit insane.”


18. When she pees in the parking lot.

“Before I started dating my ex, her and a group of friends came to watch me play music at a local restaurant. She got way too hammered, was literally talking gibberish by the time i was done, peed in the parking lot before leaving, and decided she wanted to go out with all of her friends when it was time to go. I said I was just going to go home and she just gave me this crazy girl empty stare. Proceeded to go home and I started getting phone calls. I tell her that she was really too drunk and I thought it would be best if we called it a night. Had to just hang up but she kept calling and I decided it would be best if just ignore her at that point. She actually walks to my house at that point(she lived in the neighborhood) and starts trying to wake me up. I pretend to stay asleep.. it seemed like the easiest way out at the time. She starts trying to get into my phone and cant figure out the password. Then, she tells me she is going to do something bad if I don’t answer. Finally, she walks out. Looking back, I cant believe I kept seeing her after but I told myself she was just hammered and this was totally out of character which was true at the time. Ultimately, she turned out to be an ultimatum queen and was literally the worst.”



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