22 College Seniors On The One Piece Of Sex Advice They Wish They Could Tell Their Freshman Selves

Tatiana Pérez
Tatiana Pérez

1. “Don’t let him make you feel weird about having your period. He’s fucking weird.”

— Viva, 21

2. “You don’t need to follow the normative rules of ‘the game.’ Never, ever let yourself feel invalidated or wrong based on what somebody else tells you is right.”

— Molly, 22

3. “Don’t give a shit about what people think, and don’t give a shit about labels. Do what you want with your body when you want to.”

— Christa, 22

4. “College is not just about having casual sex. Don’t put pressure on yourself to hookup with anyone.”

— Sal, 21

5. “You don’t owe fucking shit to a guy just because you go home with him. It really makes me sick to think about how many times I pressured myself into hooking up with an older guy simply because I’d already gone home with home with him and felt like it would be rude or selfish to leave.”

— Imani, 21

6. “Don’t feel weird about being a virgin.”

— Alex, 23

7. “Oral sex is not a one-sided undertaking. I went down on way too many dudes without expecting them to do the same for me. Shit is fucked up.”

— Genevieve, 22

8. “If he won’t have sex with a condom, he’s not worth another moment of your time.”

— Ondine, 22

9. “Your orgasm is just as important as important as his.”

— Lupe, 21

10. “Don’t be pressured into not having sex or ‘making him wait’ because you think people will call you a slut, and never feel like you have to just because ‘everyone is.’”

— Tasha, 22

11. “Um literally it’s better to have a full blown bush than bloody ass razor burn vag.”

— Wynne, 21

12. “Coconut oil.”

— Jabari, 23

13. “You don’t have to stay the night. If you feel weird, peace the fuck outta there.”

— Marbella, 22


— Ash, 20

15. “Don’t you dare let yourself think you did something wrong if he doesn’t follow through. I spent way too many hours contemplating what the fuck I did to drive this guy or that guy away. I didn’t drive them away. I didn’t do anything wrong. They were just assholes.”

— Quayla, 21

16. “Don’t fuck a ton of girls just to make yourself feel like the man. You’ll be a lot better in the sack if you learn how to pleasure one woman well.”

— Darius, 22

17. “Unfortunately, even if a guy is your friend first, he will still talk about you like a girl he just hooked up with, so don’t fool yourself into thinking anything stays between the two of you. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have every right to freak the fuck out if he divulges something he shouldn’t have.”

— Farrah, 21

18. “Don’t play dumb when you know someone you marginally care about has been with the person you’re trying to fuck/likes that person/is that person’s ‘ex.’ This is a message about micro home wreckage lol sry”

— Rickie, 21

19. “People who judge your sex life probably don’t have a very happy one themselves. Keep your head up, and block out the haters.”

— Ziad, 22

20. “Don’t have dorm shower sex. It will end poorly.”

— Carlos, 23

21. “Make sure you give them the code to your room before they go to the bathroom just in case you pass out while they’re in there so they don’t get locked out. Smh”

— Maddox, 21

22. “Keep hooking up with that cute ass girl from bio. Y’all about to date for the next 3 years.”

— Adam, 22 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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