35 Girls Describe The Perfect Boyfriend In Exactly 5 Words

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1. He just gets me, really.

2. He feels exactly like home.

3. He’s my rock and light.

4. He treats me equally always.

5. He appreciates me for me.

6. I don’t have to pretend.

7. We’re better when we’re together.

8. Our relationship just makes sense.

9. When he hurts, I hurt.

10. We are each other’s world.

11. He loves from deep within.

12. Our bond is rock solid.

13. Together we’re wild, like fire.

14. A soul soft like mine.

15. Suddenly, I believe in destiny.

16. Words don’t do him justice.

17. Our love is magic, really.

18. He sees me, entirely, wholly.

19. Together we’re unstoppable, you see.

20. Loving him is simple, easy.

21. Doing nothing makes us happy.

22. Nothing better than his smile.

23. All he wants is us.

24. He’s the medicine I covet.

25. I thirst for him constantly.

26. Being apart hurts too much.

27. His very presence heals me.

28. I’m grateful that he exists.

29. His embrace makes my day.

30. He’s not afraid to cry.

31. He makes me feel safe.

32. I can trust him, truly.

33. He wants no one else.

34. The antidote to my pain.

35. There’s respect at his core. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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