Allow Yourself To Heal The Hard Way

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Allow yourself to heal the hard way. Learn to stand up for yourself and let go of connections that have become toxic. It will be difficult letting go of the ideal picture you had in your head, but letting go is the first step towards real healing. You can keep playing scenarios in your head where you think you will have a happy ending, but deep down you know it is never happening. So, endure the pain of letting go and learn to heal the hard way. Stop looking for quick fixes or ways of postponing it in the hopes of everything being alright one day.

Allow yourself to heal the hard way. Cry, if you must. Shout, if you want. Run, if it helps. But take your time and deal with the whole process patiently. Do not try to push yourself into the last stage of healing. Do not expect to wake up one day and find yourself all happy and cheerful without having to constantly ponder over what went wrong or why it went wrong.

You will think. In fact, you will over think. It is all a part of the healing process. But you need to realize that your thoughts shouldn’t control you. If at any point of time you feel that your thoughts are overtaking rational thinking, reach out for help. Don’t hesitate.

Sometimes we are too broken to even comprehend how broken we truly are and fail to realize when did we start walking down the road of no return. Don’t do that. Reach out to family, friends, well-wishers and seek professional help, if needed. Don’t pretend that you are ok. It is ok to not to be ok. And for your sake, do not use distractions such are working on weekends and alcoholism as a way to heal. They don’t heal. They simply distract and put your life off balance. When things are already going wrong, you don’t need to make it more terrible by adding new variables into the equation.

Allow yourself to heal the hard way. The process is tiring and sometimes you don’t even know if you have truly healed. Don’t let it get to you. The truth is every single person that we bond with leaves memories and in the process, they become a part of us.

Healing is not about forgetting about that part or removing it from our life story. Healing is about accepting that it was, it is and it will always be a part of our story.

We can choose to narrate it, hide it or ignore it but it will always be a part of our life story because it happened. Healing is accepting to live with that. Healing is about forgiving and realizing that even though it happened, we still have the choice of how we want it to affect us and that is where our life will take us next.

Allow yourself to heal the hard way. A broken heart is like a deep open wound. The injury is both external and internal and so proper care must be given to ensure the wound heals properly, else it will create complications later on.

You may stop shedding tears externally over the end of something, but internal healing is equally important. So take your time to wash the wound, disinfect it, apply some ointment and bandage it securely to help it heal. Keep changing the bandage and keep checking the wound regularly.

It will take some time, but one day when you remove the bandage, you will find that the wound has healed with a scar left behind. This scar will be a constant reminder of what happened, but you have the power to decide how it affects the rest of your life.

You can look at the scar every day and be reminded of all the wrong that was done to you and cry about it, or you can look at it as a reminder of the ocean of strength and resilience that lies inside you which helped you to get through the darkest time of your life.

So, choose to heal the hard way. Use the realization and truth behind your scar to push you through your future battles. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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