Dear God, Please Help Me Heal From All The Things That Broke Me

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Help me heal from the past and the times it bruised me. Help me heal from all the failures that still haunt me and keep me from living my best life. Help me remember how to live without fear, without doubt and without anxiety.

Help me heal from the past heartbreaks, allow my heart to fully love again like it had never been broken, allow me to trust again in the magic of love and expect the best. Help me heal from all the thoughts that make me guarded and all the feelings I force myself to repress because I’ve been hurt before. Help me heal from all the broken pieces and make my heart whole again.

Help me heal from all the disappointments, help me forgive the ones who caused me so much pain because I need to free my heart from negativity, from toxic relationships, from revenge and teach me how to let go. Teach me how to forget. Teach me how to be a person who only sees the light. I’m tired of letting all these disappointments affect my decisions, my choices and I’m tired of letting them tarnish my peace of mind.

Help me heal from the things that made me see life in black and white instead of color, the things that made the mornings murkier and the nights darker, the things that made me scared of enjoying life to the fullest, the things that made me believe that happiness will always be short-lived, the things that made me doubt myself and the things that forced me to live cautiously — afraid of what tomorrow may bring. Help me find the rainbow again.

Help me believe in tomorrow and the beauty that awaits. Help me believe in people and how they’re capable of loving wholeheartedly. Help me believe in my strength again and have faith in myself, but more than anything, help me have unwavering faith in you, in your plans, in your timing, in your lessons and help me heal from everything by coming to you. By asking you for guidance, asking you for patience and asking you for answers. Help my soul connect to you again because that’s how you let the light in, that’s how the best way to live and the best way to love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Rania Naim is a poet and author of the new book All The Words I Should Have Said, available here.


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