32 Supernatural Stories Guaranteed To Creep You Out

25. supermclovin

This happened about a year ago. Some background information first: while I’ve never seen anything in particular that could be considered supernatural, my house has always given me the feeling of some kind of presence in it. I regularly feel as if I’m not alone, being followed or watched. If at night and I go get something to eat after everyone has gone to bed, sometimes the feeling is so severe that I actually have to turn around before I shut my door and say “leave me alone” to the emptiness behind me. The feelings usually cease after that till the next night. This happens during the day as well whether I’m home alone or not.

Back to the part I know was supernatural: a year ago I was in my basement, and I had to get something and bring it up. I had the second set of lights off (no need turning all the lights on, I was only down there for a minute) and was just about to walk back upstairs. Suddenly, I saw what I can only describe as a bright white shadow glide in front of me and up the stairs. The shadow was about my height (5’7″). Freaked me the fuck out, and ran upstairs faster than I knew I could. Oddly enough, though, the freak out only happened after the white shadow disappeared. When I saw it, I had an immense feeling of peace or comfort.

26. guntabon

I was in kindergarten, and went to this kind of shitty school with shitty food. But I swear to god, the bathroom near my class was haunted. Every time I went in there, something either unsettling or terrifying would happen. For example, one day I went in there to take a dump, and I heard footsteps right next to the stall, which was creepy because the door squeaks when it was open (I would have heard it and it didn’t) and all the stalls were open and empty. I looked under the stall, and saw two tennis shoes. Tennis shoes with socks ankles and…nothing else. The leg completely disappeared after that. Frightened, I sat up for a moment, looked back under, and they were gone. I ran back to the classroom after wiping, and told everyone about it. A girl who sat next said, “You’re lying,” in an almost panicked tone. “What? No I’m not! Why would you say that?” “Because I saw it too.”

27. Noia20

Our house has some ‘activity’ that’s a bit unexplained. It’s a brick bungalow one story built in the 1920’s. No bad history or anything like that. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone died a natural death here at one time or another given the age of the house though.

On occasion the t.v. would turn on, we had one light outlet that goes through bulbs like candy. I’ve heard the backdoor open and shut and footsteps walking into the house. So clearly, I’ve actually called out thinking my husband had come home. I used to hear tapping like finger nails on all the walls in the bedroom (it would move from wall one wall to another instantly) and our headboard would tap against the wall like someone was gently pushing it. Granted, the lights could be an electrical issue, but we’ve tested it and it doesn’t show surging and changing fixture itself doesn’t seem to help. The tapping is a bit harder, no pipes to blame and I’ve heard mice in walls before and it’s not that, plus it’s a definite rhythm not just random noise. The most important part is, mice don’t stop making noise when you tell them “That’s enough for the night, it’s time to go to sleep.”

I’ve only been scared by something once. And calling it scared is an understatement. I know first hand the concept of being “frozen with fear.” And yes it involves a must have for a scary story… the basement door. Which, if you own a house over 60 years old, you’re going to have one in a weird place. Ours is right off the living room, about 7 ft. from the end of the couch. Now I’ve never had creepy vibes from the basement. (It’s actually a half basement.) Although I had noticed the cats would occasionally stare at the bottom of the door (there was a 1/2 crack between the bottom of the door and the floor…another fun part of old houses) watching something, I just assumed it was a bug or just cat weirdness. No biggie since they loved to hang out down there if we left the door open. I also thought I had heard the door knob move once when we were using the front bedroom for a computer room, but I had headphones on and was gaming so when I didn’t see anything when I looked, I blew it off.

Anyway, late one night about 8 years ago I’m waiting up for my husband to get off work. It’s around 1am, he gets off at 3 am, so I’m hanging out watching bad t.v. and knitting with said cats crashed out next to me. When all of a sudden, three knocks come directly from the middle of the INSIDE of the basement door. Hard enough to shake the damn door. The cats fly off the couch at a dead run and bolt to the back bedroom. I’m left frozen on the couch. My body literally locked up on me. I’ve never felt anything like it, it was a deeper primitive feeling like what prey must feel when they see a predator. It felt like I was there 10 minutes but I’ll bet it wasn’t more then 10 seconds before the “paralysis” broke and I bolted right after the cats to the back bedroom. Once back there, I listened, didn’t hear anything, checked for the cats (who were under the bed with eyes as big as dinner plates) and realize I just behaved like every stupid white girl in every.single. horror movie. That’s then I totally lost my temper…

I go stomping back into the living room and stand there yelling at “nothing” about how I wasn’t putting up with that kind of stupid scaring shit and if it ever happened again, there was going to be hell to pay.

And so far it hasn’t been naughty like that again, at least not to me. In fact since I yelled at it, every things been more quiet. Random things still happen, but it’s not weekly, it’s more like a couple of times a year. Even the light bulb issue has stopped.

I did have a friend from out of town come to stay overnight a year or two after. I woke up at 5 am to find him on the couch watching t.v. wrapped like ET in a blanket looking like death warmed over. I asked him what he was doing, he looked at me and said “I’m never staying in this house again! Something came into my room and sat down on the bed with me!” He’s been true to his word, he’ll come over to visit for a few hours but he always stays with other friends.


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