Brad Pitt Is Allegedly Texting Jennifer Aniston Again And In Other News Once A Fuckboy Always A Fuckboy


It looks like Brad Pitt has finally realized the greatness he lost all those years ago and amidst his bitter separation from Angelina Jolie has been trying to reconnect with ex-wife Jennifer Aniston.

Yesterday, a source close to Jen revealed that ex-hubby Brad has been texting her. He tracked down her phone number through a “web” of contacts (aka: celebrity friends) and texted to wish her a happy birthday on February 11th. Apparently the two have been exchanging a few other texts about the past and Brad’s current situation since then.

Like any typical fuck boy who suddenly saw the light and realized he messed up the best thing that ever happened to him, he thought a simple text message was the best way to get back into a girl’s good graces. (Celebrities relationships really are like just like ours). Not even Brad Pitt himself can pull this off without looking like an asshole with a hidden agenda (sorry Brad).

This all just sounds kind of thirsty and pathetic if you ask me. Does he not realize he’s Brad Pitt and can (probably) still get any woman he wants instead of going after his married ex?

Back in the day I think people would’ve killed for a Brad and Jen relationship reunion. We were all rooting for them. They were the ultimate Hollywood It Couple after all but I think too much time (and drama) has passed since. These two should just stay their separate ways.

To be honest, it is pretty ballsy of him to confide in his ex-wife about how hard of time he’s having in the divorce from his current wife/old mistress. Don’t you think Jen had a hard time when you left her for this other woman, buddy?

Jen must have the heart and patience of a saint because I would’ve just blocked his number.

The close source claims, “Jen just wants to be nice”, which I totally get because she pretty much seems like the nicest and most chill actress person in Hollywood these days but honestly screw that. I don’t think it’s fair that he comes crawling back into her life only when his life is suddenly falling apart. If Brad truly wanted to make peace with the situation and be “friends” with Jen don’t you think he would have done something more about it in the past 12 years since their divorce? The timing just appears a little shady on his part if you ask me.

Who knows maybe his intentions were pure when he reached out but my gut says no way I’m not buying it- I don’t care that you literally are Brad Pitt.

He knows Jen is looking better than ever and happy with her hottie husband, Justin Theroux. Karma really does suck Brad.

They say times heals all wounds but I think some wounds are never fully meant to heal. I find it hard to believe these two will ever really be able to friends after all that happened, no matter how many years ago. There was still a lot of bad history and disloyalty that occurred and I don’t think any kind of rekindling would be great for either of them. Some things and people are just meant to stay in the past.

If the two could on the other hand get some real kind of closure out of this reconnection then good for them but I think they should just leave it at that. Closure.

Besides, I think Brad should be spending his time focusing on settling his current divorce and custody battle for his children as opposed to sliding in the DM’s of his scorned ex-wife and Jen should be spending her time going on romantic vacations with Justin and basking in the justification that the other woman never actually really wins.

In case you can’t tell I’m #TeamJen on this one and always. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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