19 Signs You Are Outgrowing Your Friends

1. You often feel like they aren’t actually happy for you when you announce good news, and you’ve just stopped telling them a lot of it when it happens.

2. The interests you all have are drifting further and further apart, and each time you go out it takes longer to find something that everyone is going to agree on.

3. In terms of financial and personal responsibility, most people are not on the same level and can’t afford to do the same things.

4. You are looking at them as being increasingly young, even though you are the same age. You, at times, feel like they are still students when you are well into a career.

5. The ones who either have established a life path or who are committed to working hard on their dreams have already abandoned the friend group.

6. You are starting to resent always doing the same things on weekends, to the point where you mostly just stay in these days because you don’t want to deal with the same people at the same bar.

7. Most of the reason you still consider yourself close with these people is nostalgia. You all used to be right on the same page, and now the vast majority of your connection lies in shared memory and experience.

8. You are pretty sure they hate you for trying hard to do something different.

9. Whenever you talk about wanting to move out of your town, and it’s not often, they tend to look at you with this feeling of “What, you think you’re too good for all of this?”

10. You don’t have the heart to tell them that, yes, you do think you are too good for this town. Because right now you know you deserve better, and you are not going to achieve it here, and you don’t want to stay around people who are complacent.

11. “Complacency” is the word that rings in your ears every time you are around them.

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12. They are constantly still dating/sleeping with each other, and never really exiting the social circle for their romantic prospects, and you could never imagine dating one of them at this point in your life.

13. Their Facebook pictures are all of the same thing.

14. Most of them are resigned to the idea that they won’t get the job they want, they won’t be able to see the countries they want to see, and they might as well just spend their free money and time partying.

15. None of them like to talk about the same subjects you do anymore, and every time you try to bring up art or politics, they look at you like you’re the most pretentious human they’ve ever seen.

16. You wish there were an OkCupid for finding new friends in your area who are at least remotely similar to you.

17. You occasionally feel yourself pitying them, and then hating yourself for it.

18. You don’t like it when people identify you as being “part of that group.”

19. A big part of your dreams is being surrounded by a group of people who are motivated, successful, ambitious, and full of encouragement and support for one another. There is a whole different version of yourself that you can imagine, who keeps people like that as friends instead of the ones you currently have now — friends who mostly just encourage you to drink larger quantities of beer. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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