Love Is A Choice, And This Is Why I Choose To Love You

I remember 4 years ago I was chugging away in my old job, knowing in my soul I was meant to be someplace else, and frustration and uncertainty consumed me.

My inner voice was growing louder day by day, telling me I’d outgrown this pretty garden, and it was time to escape into the wild.

But like most of us, I was afraid to go.

Around the same time, I started dating Sam.

It quickly became clear to me that we were able to have real conversations, from one soul to another – none of the bullshit small talk that makes me cringe. He was different to any other guy I’d ever met before, and I knew enough to recognise that was a very good thing.

I had just rekindled my love for writing too, and he was one of the few people whom I shared my real feelings about this. And he supported me, even when it was just me writing from my bedroom, with barely anybody listening.

I got to a point where I knew I had to take the leap, and venture into the unknown. There was nothing left for me in my 9-5 anymore, and the life I truly craved lay out there, ready and waiting for me to say yes.

And I wondered, is Sam gonna go with me?

Is he going to come with me on this journey?

Are we going to walk out this door, and down this unfamiliar path together?

And he did. We did.

What we’ve experienced together over the past 3 years is more than most couples know in a lifetime, which is why we often joke with each other and say, “has it really only been three years?”

Deep within, I know we were destined to go on this journey together.

And I believe this is why our sacred partnership is so strong.

We choose to grow together.

Every day, we wake up, and we make that choice over and over again.

To be there to offer words of encouragement and wisdom. To pick each other up when we’re down. To say everything’s going to be okay in the end. To be the one standing by the other’s side when all their dreams come true.

We’ve both been through our own huge awakenings and transformations as individuals, but we’ve been there supporting each other in our times of need, being the reassuring voice that’s always there to say, “no, you’re not crazy for choosing this life, and yes, I’ve always got your back.”

We’ve travelled the world together, set up home 7000 miles away from where we met, lived in some beautiful places, and had some unforgettable adventures.

We’ve birthed and grown our conscious enterprises alongside each other, while we’ve grown ourselves, and nurtured and nourished our love.

We’re both incredibly different versions of the man and woman who crossed paths three years ago, but instead of this being our kryptonite, this has been our stardust.

Side by side, hand in hand, we continue to journey through endless cycles of birth, death, and re-birth; standing courageously in the fire. For without fire, there can be no healing; no transformation; no growth.

I choose to stand in the fire beside you.

I choose to grow with you.

I choose to love you.



And the day after that.

I hold a mirror to your soul, so you can see how beautiful you are

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