12 Reasons Women Who Love Horror Movies Make The Best Partners

We’ve all seen horror movies (how many of them actually horrified us is debatable) but we’ve all seen them. There are some people that hate them and there are some people that love them almost more than anything. Horror movies can ignite this flame inside of some people. They can make you curious and create wonder. They can also do what they’re supposed to do – create pure fear in people. The women that love horror movies? They’re the best and there are more than enough reasons why. Let’s just name a few:

1. They won’t be afraid to get rid of the spiders for you.

In fact, they’ll probably think that the spiders are cool, name them and create a new pet for your little family. Who doesn’t want new members of the family? A bigger family is a better family!

2. They won’t need you to defend them from any of the bumps and noises in the dark.

They’ll probably be the first one to run down the stairs and chase after whatever creature or person it is that’s in the darkness.

3. They definitely aren’t going to be afraid of the dark.

They’re going to be the one telling you to get over your irrational fear, and probably roll their eyes at you when you can’t stand the pure darkness. They’ll hold onto you.

4. There’s a good chance that they’re a nurturer by nature.

Everyone else is terrified of something that they’re in love with so they’re used to being the one that comforts everyone else. They handle everyone else during the scary things and make sure that everyone is okay.

5. Similar to the second reason, they can handle themselves.

They know what to do in order to make sure that they’re safe and they’re always on the lookout. They’ve seen all the horror movies and know exactly what signs to look out for. They don’t need you to defend them from it.

6. They’re just a badass.

In general, a woman that loves a horror movie is someone that you can count on to just be a total badass in a general sense of every word. She’s going to be the person that says what she thinks without holding back. Everyone needs a lady that doesn’t hold back her thoughts, right?

7. She’s going to be a go-getter.

She has no fear. Nothing is going to hold her back from doing what she thinks is best. She’s going to accomplish her hopes, she’s going to accomplish her dreams and she’s going to be the best person that she can be because she has no fears.

8. She’s a thrill seeker.

You’ll never have a boring moment with that girl. She’s going to keep your life interesting, she’s going to keep everything going, and she’s going to make sure that you’re always having fun. She’s going to make sure that you can’t help but have a great time.

9. During the times that she is afraid, she’s probably the most cuddly person in the universe.

It’s not often that she’s scared but when she is you better bet that she’s going to cling to you. She’s going to cuddle with you and she’s going to love on you. You’ll get the best cuddles in the fucking universe because she’s actually scared for once.

10. She’s got a tough shell but she’s a sweet girl down at the core.

She might get a little out of control at times and she might keep your life going, she might keep you on your toes at all times and she’ll pretend to be stronger and tougher than she actually is. Down at the core, she’s one of the sweetest things that you’ll ever find.

11. She’s seen all these horror movies and that means, well, that means that she’s going to treasure you like no other.

She’s seen horrifying things happen to people and she’s seen these things happen to people that love each other in all these movies. She’s going to love you, she’s going to hold you close, and she’s going to treat you like a prince.

12. She’s going to live in the moment.

Again, she’s seen all of these horror movies, and she knows that anything could happen in any moment. She knows that life is a valuable thing or that anything could pop up in the next second. She knows that life is a valuable thing and that moment is the most important thing to her.

The list could go on and on, but a woman that loves horror movies is someone that’s a rarity. She’s going to cherish you, she’s going to love you, and she’s going to be the best damn partner that you can have because there’s nothing more that someone can ask for. There’s nothing more that someone can ask for other than someone that absolutely loves you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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