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Sometimes The Reason Why You Can’t Let Go Is Because You’ve Lost Sight Of Who You Are

You’ve created a world where your happiness depends on other people and without realizing it, you’ve let go of yourself in the process. You’ve forgotten the person you were before them. The person who dreamed, the person who knew their worth. You’ve spent so much time and energy putting your faith in someone else, when the only person you’ve ever needed to have faith in is yourself.

If You Really Care About Her, Let Her Know Before It’s Too Late

She wants the games to end. She wants things to be simple again. She wants to be able to be herself around you like she used to do so easily. She wants to move on from this complicated limbo of almost’s and what if’s. She wants to know that you feel the same because she has absolutely no idea if you truly do anymore.

How To Accept That You Won’t Always Get The Closure You Need

Things aren’t always as cut and dry as they should be. We don’t get the answers that we need to move on. Strings of our past sometimes find a way to tangle themselves with the ones of our future. Lingering feelings and unspoken words make living in the moment a lot harder than it seems.