You Don’t Need Him Anymore, It’s Time To Cut The Cord

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You need to cut the cord because there was a time when he wasn’t your lifeline.

Believe it or not, but you actually had a life before him. You lived for yourself. You were the cause of your own happiness. You put a smile on your own damn face. You got up every morning, even when you wanted nothing more than to escape. You may have fallen time and time again, but you were always there to pick yourself up. You didn’t need to hear the words, “You’re mine” to feel okay. You didn’t need to see his name pop up on your screen to put you in a good mood. You didn’t need him to complete you. You were enough. And you still are.

You need to cut the cord because you’re hanging by a thread.

“I’m over it” has become your middle name. You may be fooling everyone around you, but you know the truth. And it isn’t pretty. Because the truth is, your mind still finds him more often than you care to admit. It’s been months but you still find yourself replaying every moment you shared. The way he made you feel alive. The way he made you feel safe. Because the truth is, every time you have the scissors in your hand, you’re brought back to that day in the rain when you could’ve sworn you’d seen the real him. And that’s the him you’ve let consume you. And you still do.

You need to cut the cord because he isn’t the same person your mind has made him out to be.

You have a tendency to romanticize everything you touch. You see the good in everyone. You overlook all the times he ever did you wrong. Because, deep down you know he’s a good person. And maybe you’re right. Maybe he has a bit of goodness in him, but it isn’t your responsibility to dig that out. You want to believe that you can save him. You want to be the hero. His hero. But the only person you have the power to save is yourself. And you still can.

You need to cut the cord because he’s only keeping you alive when it’s convenient for him.

Where was he when you needed him the most? When he “promised” to have your back no matter what ? When he said he’d support you when you finally had the courage to open up? When you felt like drowning, and he told you he’d teach you to swim? But he was there at 3 a.m. He was there when he was lonely. He was there when he was bored. He was there when she wasn’t. And you fell for it every time. You were there for him no matter what. But you know who else you were there for? Yourself. Because when he left you hanging, you pulled yourself up. And you still do.

You need to cut the cord because you’ve convinced yourself that settling is the only thing you deserve.

Since when did it become okay for you to be silenced at the expense of another person’s happiness? Since when did you become fine with accepting bullshit? What made you to believe that you aren’t worth better? What made you lose hope in a reality that looks much brighter than this one? When did you decide you weren’t someone worth fighting for? He may have given up, but you have been fighting since day one. You’ve never stopped believing in yourself. And you never will.

You need to cut the cord, before you let it cut you.
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