This Is What It Means To Be A Ride-Or-Die Friend

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Throughout life, you will encounter numerous individuals, but true friends are the people who never leave. They’re the ones who are always there for you and remain by your side no matter what.

They’re the people you stay up late with, discussing the infinite issues the universe has plagued you with. The kind of individuals you divulge your most cavernous secrets to, simply because you’re certain they’ll safeguard them forever. They would never gossip behind your back, because if they had something to say, they would say it directly to your face.

They’re the kind of people who always offer a shoulder to lean on, while simultaneously reminding you how awesome you are.

True friends are the sort of people you can be unapologetically foolish with, while remaining completely oblivious to the judgement of others, whether that means singing out of tune to your favorite pop song or spontaneously dancing on elevated surfaces wherever you go.

They always have your back, whether it means crawling on a dirty bar floor to help look for your phone or making sure you don’t drunkenly text your ex at the end of the night.

They’re the people who never give up on you and continuously encourage you to strive for the moon. They’re the ones who will wipe away your tears when someone has broken your heart or caused you immense pain.

The type of people you can go days without seeing, and pick right back up where you left off as if no time has lapsed. They’re the first individual you call with good news, merely because you know they’re the people who will genuinely be happiest for you.

True friends never allow an argument to overshadow your friendship, and are always forgiving when you’ve done or said something you shouldn’t have. They aren’t the kind of individuals who hold grudges or remind you of the mistakes you’ve previously made.

They’re the ones who give the most exceptional advice and know how to instantly make you laugh when life becomes unbearably brutal. They’re the kind of people who always show up when they’re needed, preferably with a bottle of wine in hand.

They’re the ones you create unlimited inappropriate jokes with, continuing to laugh regardless how tired they become.

True friends are always honest with you, even if the truth is difficult to hear. They value your opinion above anyone else and sincerely seek your guidance throughout moments of insecurity.

They’re the individuals who you spend hours talking to, mindlessly unaware of the amount of time which has passed.

They’re the ones who make your friendship a priority, never permitting anything to come between you both. The kind of people who saturate your world in pigmented shades of neon, rather than lackluster hues of grey.

Yes, many people will enter your life, but it is a true friend who will stick around
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