What You Should Do When You Realize They Aren’t Worth It

Hope. One simple, small, measly word is what you have used to construct your entire relationship. You hope that things will work out. You hope that this person won’t break your heart. Above all, you hope that your affections aren’t misguided. Yet, at the end of the day you shouldn’t have to rely on hope alone. To be honest, sometimes this person isn’t even worth your time. People in your life should make it clear how they feel and how much they appreciate you. Read on to find out what you should do when you realize they aren’t worth it:

Actually Stick With These Thoughts

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is to ignore the realization that this partner/hookup/friend isn’t worth it. You had this thought, start to let yourself explore why.

Stop Making Excuses

Don’t make excuses for your partner. It’s bad enough when they do it, why are you also making excuses for them? If they are being an asshole don’t just simply excuse or validate their behavior.

Build Yourself Up

While you should always tell yourself that you are special, amazing, and exquisite, you should more importantly SHOW yourself that you are beyond spectacular. Take the necessary time to build up your confidence.

Talk Things Out  

Whether you are talking to a confidant or your isn’t-worth-it person, actively work to verbalize your thoughts. While you do need to talk to your isn’t-worth-it person eventually, it’s okay to give yourself time to explain and process your thoughts.

Remind Yourself Of Your Worth

You are absolutely priceless. That’s all. You are worth more than this person is making you feel.

Figure Out The Right Choice (Not The Easy Choice)

This is certainly one of the situations when you have to do the right thing instead of the easy thing. The easy thing would be letting this person take up more space in your life. However, the right thing is to demand your respect and let them go if they unable to prioritize you in the way that you deserve.

Pursue Better

At this point it’s best that you move forward. Pursue better and learn from this experience.

Stay True To Your Standards  

You know what it feels like when your standards haven’t been met. You especially know how it feels to be disrespected and unappreciated. Don’t settle and don’t stay satisfied. Instead, realize that your standards should be set high and know that others should feel worthy to be with you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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