An Inner Monologue Of A 20-Something Debating Going Out On Friday


Basically every 20-something every Friday:

  1. I’m tired.
  2. I don’t want to go to work today.
  3. Can I go back to bed?
  4. Oh my god, I am not going out tonight.
  5. Okay I should probably get up now.
  6. No, 5 more minutes.
  7. Okay, I should probably get up now or I won’t have time to shower.
  8. I’ll just shower later.
  9. It’s not like I’m going to go out tonight.
  10. 10 more minutes.
  11. Fuck I’m going to be late.
  12. What should I wear?
  13. Umm, better wear something I could go out in after work.
  14. Not that I’m going out after work.
  15. But just in case.
  17. Okay, I’m getting into this day.
  18. Why was I so tired this morning?
  19. Oh look a mass text from ___.
  20. Wait. People are going out tonight??
  21. I want to go out too!
  22. But I need to shower.
  23. Ugh. I didn’t even want to go out tonight.
  24. But I don’t want to miss a fun night out.
  25. I’d much rather go out tomorrow.
  26. Saturday is a much easier day to go out.
  27. But what if no one goes out tomorrow?
  28. What if everyone only goes out tonight?
  29. Who even is everyone?
  30. Should I ask who’s going out tonight before making my decision?
  31. No.
  32. Don’t want to be that person.
  33. Should I ask about tomorrow?
  34. No.
  35. Shouldn’t be that person either.
  36. I’ll just ignore the text.
  37. Oh god, co-workers want to get drinks too.
  38. And dinner.
  39. Do I even have money for all of these activities?
  40. I am totally broke.
  41. I guess I could take some money from savings.
  42. I mean, I am getting paid next Friday.
  44. But no.
  45. I don’t want to miss out on anything.
  46. I want to be social.
  47. Ugh, everyone is going out tonight.
  48. To a bar with a 10 dollar cover?
  49. UGHHHH.
  50. What should I wear?
  51. I don’t have anything to wear.
  52. Should I skip dinner and drinks after work and go shopping?
  53. Wait, I still have to shower.
  54. Should I leave work early to get all of this stuff done?
  55. Is your social life an excuse for leaving work early?
  56. Okay, I’m just going to head out a little early.
  57. Oh god, this place is a mess.
  58. When am I going to have time to clean it???
  59. There are only two days in a weekend and I have __ on Saturday and ___ on Sunday.
  60. And now I’m going out tonight.
  61. I guess I don’t have to go out tonight.
  62. It’s not like tonight is going to be that special.
  63. And I’m tired again.
  64. I wasn’t tired all day.
  65. And now I’m tired again.
  66. How?
  67. I really want pizza.
  68. Ahhhhh Mean Girls in on.
  69. Couch, stop tempting me.
  70. I have to clean and shower and buy clothes and go be social.
  72. But back to pizza.
  73. I really don’t have time to cook tonight if I want to go out.
  74. Should I order pizza?
  75. No!
  76. I can’t drink AND eat pizza in one night.
  77. Food or booze.
  78. I can only choose one.
  79. Ugh. I don’t want to go out.
  80. But now I have to.
  81. How bad would it look if I just ignored everyone’s texts for the rest of the night and went to bed?
  82. Can I do that?
  83. Would anyone even care?
  84. Do people really like me that much?
  85. I bet they wouldn’t even notice if I came out or not.
  86. But I don’t want them to forget about me!
  87. I’m still fun!
  88. If I don’t go out tonight I could be left out of tomorrow’s plans.
  89. Or next weekend’s plans
  90. Or all future plans ever!
  92. I still have to shower.
  93. This is not going well.
  94. Alright, I’ll just throw on this get up.
  95. It’s not like anyone takes pictures anymore anyway.
  96. It doesn’t really matter what I look like.
  97. Really? I am out of vodka?
  99. But here I go out the door… to get vodka.
  100. So much for not going out tonight.

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