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Pablo Heimplatz

Dating can be exhausting. It can feel draining to talk about the same things over and over again, answering the same questions at dinner or coffee or dessert. Dating is especially difficult when we start to think of our future. How does he fit into my life? Does he fit into my life? Will my family like him? Will he get along with my friends? What happens when we have our first fight?

The world is full of enough unknowns, and full of change. The only certainty we have is in this very moment. So date someone who loves you, and who isn’t afraid to show it. Because life’s too precious and you are too valuable to spend your time convincing anyone else.

Date someone who loves to listen to you after a long day of work Well maybe he doesn’t love it every day. But the world is exhausting, jobs are tiring, life can be draining and the guy who loves you will look to you as an escape. He’ll listen. He’ll hear you out. Maybe he’s had a difficult day, but the one who loves you and trusts you, cares enough to share it; or lend an ear to listen, so that you’re comfortable enough to share your struggles with him in return.

Date someone whose love makes you comfortable with who you are. Not every man is meant to be with every woman, and not every woman is meant to be with every man. But I can promise you, the man who loves you will love you in a way that makes you see the best within yourself.

Social media, television, diet fads and life-size posters of super models are enough to make us insecure for the rest of eternity. So date someone who’s love reminds you of your significance rather than of how hot you could look if you were three sizes smaller with perfect teeth and fiercer cheekbone. Trust me, it’s Photoshop, and the man that loves you isn’t looking to play the comparison game.

Date someone who loves you enough to make time for you. Time moves quickly, and as we get older, we feel the urgency of having less and less of it. His job might be hectic and he may not be available at every hour of the day, but do yourself a favor and date someone who loves you enough to create the time.

Because trust me, there will never be enough hours in the day to get it all done, there will never be an end to the to-do list, but there is someone out there who’s willing to make you a priority the way you make him one. And, well… if Beyoncé can find the time… so can he.

Date someone whose love doesn’t make you feel insecure about your
uncertainty. Life will bring you ebbs and flows… and on your journey, you’ll probably go through enough periods of self-doubt to write a novel – or at least a couple of chapters. Date someone who loves you in a way that makes you feel certain of your strength.

Because you’ll forget once or twice that you’re the source of it, that you’re capable of doing everything you set your mind to, that you’ve gotten this far. And a man that loves you will remind you… because he too wants to see you succeed. He’ll be your crutch… he’ll be there to pick you up in times that you fall, because we can’t prevent our failures but we can surround ourselves with love that makes us feel a little less lost in the dark.

Date someone who loves hearing your laughter. What a dreary life it would be without the sound of laughter, or the ease of a friendly smile. It’s a medicine of course, but it’s also connection, durability, playfulness wrapped in inside jokes and secret memories. Laughter can be a reminder of the bright moments even in the saddest of times.

Most importantly, if he loves hearing your laughter, he’ll do anything to make sure he hears it again and again. Sometimes he’ll even trick you into an uncontrollable half smile when you’re mad… and as much as you’ll pretend you hate it; you’ll know deep down you’re so grateful that he’s clever enough to force his way back into the soft spot of your heart.

Date someone who loves you enough to give you the answer key to his heart
Our paths are full of unknowns and unexpected. Dating someone means that you’ve agreed to be on the journey together, and the journey isn’t always clearly marked. Date someone who loves you enough to tell you how he’s feeling. Someone who isn’t afraid of vulnerability because he knows that every moment you’re with him is another moment you’ve fallen deeper for his soul.

Date someone who loves you enough to answer your questions, to open up when you ask, and to give you a little extra assurance when you’re feeling slightly insecure. No it’s not too much to ask, it’s simply honesty. And trust me, the man who loves you never wants you to feel like there’s a hidden reserve of love he’s holding back.

Love is as original an experience as a fingerprint to its hand. It may look the same from afar, but once you dig deeper than the surface… you’ll see how incredibly unique every experience of love will be. And yet, the most important function should always remain true: date the man whose love equates to making you happy in whatever way is truest for you.

Be with the one who puts that happiness, friendship and love before everything this material world can give, because if he can’t give you that… then you may risk, one day, forgetting how to give it to yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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