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Why We Fight So Hard For The Wrong People

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What if a sense of compatibility, and ease, and kindness, and passion can misguide your judgment into assuming this love would be lasting. What if sometimes that’s why we fight so hard for the relationships we secretly know are already too broken.

A Love Like This


The love I envision is one that wills mountains to move and oceans to part. Its expression so limitless in cannot be contained between the two lovers alone but must be spread across humanity to those in need. Love that is so patient it tranquilly welcomes my restless thirst for answers, and inability to wait to see how things go.

Date Someone Who Loves You Exactly Like This

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Date someone who loves you enough to answer your questions, to open up when you ask, and to give you a little extra assurance when you’re feeling slightly insecure. No it’s not too much to ask, it’s simply honesty. And trust me, the man who loves you never wants you to feel like there’s a hidden reserve of love he’s holding back.

If You’re The One, I’ll Just Know

I’ll know it’s you because you’ll see me. You’ll see all of my imperfections. You’ll know that my happiness isn’t unwavering and my sadness can be devastating. You’ll know that my mistakes have been grueling and that my logic can be completely illogical.

You Know He’s Wrong For You, But You Stay Anyway

Maybe you don’t know until you know. Maybe you knew all along and you didn’t listen to the little voice that just kept telling you to quit – because you didn’t want to be a quitter. Maybe you thought he’d prove you wrong, and it turned out he was always honest about who he was right from day one – but you weren’t listening.

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