90 Things Girls Are Sick And Tired Of Hearing

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Christopher Campbell

It’s 2017 and us girls still hear the same dumb shit from men, strangers, family, friends, and acquaintances. I asked my lady friends from over 25 different countries what repetitive, sexist, or gender stereotypical things they are sick of hearing from others. Here’s what they said:

1. Calm down.

2. Is it your period again?

3. Girls shouldn’t smoke.

4. Girls shouldn’t drink alcohol.

5. Girls shouldn’t wear revealing clothes and you’re wearing a very tight skirt/pair of shorts/dress/shirt/etc. Are you sure you should wear that? Don’t you have any dignity?

6. Go back to your bedroom and change your clothes. This is why you get catcalled.

7. Really? You don’t have a boyfriend? Why? Do you hate men?

8. You should start finding a boyfriend soon. It’s gonna be harder for women when they start looking into relationships after they graduate college/med school/law school.

9. Maybe if you were more friendly and open, you’d attract more suitors.

10. A young girl should never be alone with a boy, especially in a room, even if it’s a classroom.

11. When are you getting married? When are you getting a boyfriend?

12. You’re too young to think about marriage.

13. You’re too old to be single and alone. You’re going to end up as a cat lady!

14. We’ll help find a husband for you.

15. When am I getting grandkids?

16. You should get a baby now before you’re 30. The clock is ticking.

17. When are you guys making another baby? (Child’s name) needs a little brother/sister!

18. Oh, so you don’t work? You just take care of the baby and stay at home?

19. Having a pet and a husband is not enough. You should get children. It will complete you!

20. Stop telling people you don’t want kids. You’ll change your mind when you meet the right guy.

21. What does your husband think of you not wanting kids? Isn’t he upset with you? You will probably change your mind one day, you’re still young and there’s still time. It’s probably just a phase you’ll grow out of.

22. You changed since having a boyfriend/husband. I miss who you were before you got in a relationship.

23. Only prostitutes and bad girls have purple/green/pink/etc colored hair.

24. Your short hair makes you look like a boy.

25. Make more of an effort to look good when you’re going out! Change your hairstyle/clothes/lost weight/etc. It must be embarrassing for your husband to be seen with you when you look like that.

26. Aren’t you scared you will lose your husband to another woman if you don’t (insert something to do with being more attractive or thin?)

27. Your small boobs make you look like a little girl.

28. You gained too much weight.

29. You’ll look more attractive if you lose some weight.

30. When are you gonna get that pre-mom body back?

31. It wouldn’t hurt you to use a dress once in a while or a more fitting and flattering shirt.

32. Why are you so thin? Do you have anorexia?

33. If you tried to gain some weight, you’d be more attractive.

34. You wear too much makeup. Maybe if you loved yourself more then you wouldn’t need all that makeup.

35. You look so much better/I prefer you without makeup.

36. Do not wear makeup when you’re going to school.

37. I think you look like a whore when you wear purple lipstick. I’m only trying to be helpful because dark/bright colours aren’t meant for your skin color.

38. Is your skin/lip color natural? I bet you’re secretly wearing make-up.

39. You’re really pretty for a dark-skinned girl.

40. You should stop swimming in the ocean/going out to the beach so much. You’re getting too dark and it’s making you look ugly.

41. Where is your dopatta/hijaab/burqa/etc and why aren’t you wearing it?

42. You’ll look prettier if you remove your glasses. Use contact lenses instead.

43. You’re a mother for god’s sakes! Why are you wearing that? Why do you do nude photography? Why do you (insert other criticism here and relate that to my being a mom)?

44. Your poor kids. How are you going to raise them right if you’re a single mom and they don’t have a dad figure?

45. Breastfeeding is disgusting, rude, and inappropriate.

46. Science proves that babies are better off with their mothers than with their fathers. You should be the one to take care of the babies and tuck them in bed.

47. *When a teenager or child is found to be doing something bad* Where is the mother? Why is she not there? She should have raised her son/daughter better!

48. One day you will have your own little girl that you will need to protect from the bad influences of unruly women, and you will be embarrassed that you ever acted this way.

49. Oh, you’re the manager? A female? Aren’t you quite young? Are you married? (Like being married has anything to do with being a manager!)

50. In the workplace, women are not a sound investment compared to men because women have a tendency to choose their family over their careers.

51. You’re so lucky your boyfriend/husband lets you study and work as much as you want.

52. Girls have it easy! Single girls can just sleep with whoever they want, but us men have to work for it!

53. You’re too picky. Give the nice guys a chance. I know you don’t like him, but just try to go out with him.

54. Why are you so sexually open minded for a girl?

55. For a girl, you sure stay out very late in the night.

56. You’re a girl – why do you have so many male friends? Do you hate women?

57. Girls should not hang out so much with boys. It sends the wrong message.

58. Girls who have mostly male friends are just trying to look cool and impress boys.

59. You drink too much. You’re a lady so act like one.

60. You’re actually funny. I don’t normally find girls funny.

61. Relax, I was just joking! Where’s your sense of humor?

62. Girls can’t play sports or video games, or at least they’ll never be good as guys.

63. You’re a woman, you should know how to (insert any household chore.)

64. How are you going to find a husband if you don’t know how to (insert household chore)?

65. Why don’t you smile more?

66. You’ll get wrinkles if you keep having such a frowning expression on your face.

67. You’re lucky your fiancé/husband/boyfriend can cook/clean/do basic survival all on his own. Count your blessings and be grateful.

68. Stop being angry at “the patriarchy,” and be creative and positive instead.

69. You travel too much, save for the future.

70. You’re going to get yourself killed/raped because you keep traveling alone.

71. You’re not allowed to (insert inconsequential thing) because you’re a girl. Your brother is allowed because he’s a boy.

72. We are Catholic, and you should not embarrass us and sin against God by moving in with your boyfriend before marriage.

73. You are a girl from a well-known family. You should act like (insert conservative adjective here) and not tarnish the family name.

74. Girls don’t go out this much in our family and you should honour that.

75. You are a girl! Why are you the one making the first move? Boys should do that.

76. Boys should notice the quiet, nice girls like me. Unfortunately, they only notice the slutty girls.

77. Girls shouldn’t donate blood.

78. Girls shouldn’t swear.

79. Sit properly. Girls shouldn’t sit with their legs spread apart.

80. You walk like a guy.

81. Boys don’t like girls who (insert dumb thing here that I literally do not give a shit about).

82. You intimidate men too much. Don’t make them feel threatened. Dial down your attitude/intelligence/seriousness/etc a little bit.

83. You can’t be pansexual, you’re engaged to a man.

84. You are engaged/have a boyfriend! You should not compliment other males or hang out with them so much. Does your partner know of your straying?

85. You’re a fake fan of (insert stereotypically manly thing such as sports), aren’t you?

86. Feminazis are scum! Women have too much power already and we don’t need feminism anymore.

87. You’re too opinionated for a 20-year-old girl.

88. You’re not like other girls.

89. (Insert anything that men say to me or my friends when they catcall us).

90. Oh, a man catcalled you or physically assaulted you? What did you do to piss him off? What were you wearing? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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