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5 Signs You Definitely Don’t Have Your Shit Together

My euphoria was short-lived, however, when I realized that I would actually have to put the duvet cover on my new comforter. This is probably the least favorite chore for everybody but to me, it’s an impossible task. I tried for an hour to get that comforter into the diva duvet but the two weren’t having it.

7 Reasons Why Dating Is The Absolute Worst

Finding out if someone is going to love you or not takes time and lots of cash. Just to power through some awkward dates, I’ve had to gulp down four glasses of wine AKA spend forty dollars on someone I didn’t even like! Rude.

The 7 Most Unappealing Qualities In People

Competitive people are the worst for so many reasons but one of the major ones is that they’re always trying to one-up their friends. “Oh, you got a boyfriend? Well, last night, I went on two dates with two different people and at the end of it, they both wanted to be my boyfriend so…”

Things I’ll Miss About New York

We didn’t move here to feel deprived. No, we moved here because we wanted all of it, all of the time. We want all the sex, all the love, all the food, all the friends, all the nights. all the jobs, all the opportunities, all the feels, all the pain, all the ecstasy.

My Fake Anxiety

“Can you believe it? What a quack! I guess I should go see someone else, right? Because I clearly don’t have anxiety!” I protested to my parents while possibly breathing into a paper bag.

When I’m Lonely

Basically I feel the most lonely when I’m supposed to be feeling a connection but can’t or won’t or don’t. You bank on feeling one way and you end up feeling another. That’s the worst.

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