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This Is How We Break Up Now

Breakups will never be what they once were. In order to really let go and not spend two years getting over a six month relationship, you have to detach. You have to do away with social niceties and blow up the relationship graveyard.

This Is How We Fall In Love Now

Technology has made it easy to fall for someone who never actually existed and that’s why we have so many random three-month relationships. People who come roaring through our life, only to disappear without a trace. We implicitly let people know that they don’t need to offer us an explanation.

5 Types Of Relationships That Always End In A Break Up

I grew up middle-class. All of my friends were middle-class. Then when we went away to college, we were exposed to all of these different kinds of levels of wealth. Some of my friends shacked up with rich boyfriends, only to have the relationship dissolve because it became too uncomfortable.

Here Is A New TV Show You Need To Start Watching

Remember when Adam Goldman made that brilliant show The Outs and everyone lost their shit because it was so, so amazing? Well, he’s back at it again with Whatever This Is—a show that follows two production assistants who are working every terrible job imaginable, struggling to make ends meet in NYC.

Babe, You’re Doing Feminism Wrong

Nobody’s perfect. Everybody is a hypocrite. I find myself backpedaling into body-snarking and slut-shaming and when that happens I have to stop and acknowledge it as harmful behavior that’s been indoctrinated by our society.

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