Ten Flawless Love Songs

1. “Wonderwall’ by Oasis

If someone ever told me “You’re my wonderwall”, I would whip my penis out and be like, “Hi. It’s yours. Take this forever.” There’s a hybrid of sweetness and sadness to this track that provides it with more depth than the average one dimensional love song. Because good love should always make you a little sad, you know?

2. “I Only Have Eyes For You” by The Flamingos

The best love songs make it possible for you to feel like you’re in love for the duration of the song. Even if you’ve been single for some time, you can play the song and feel like you belong to somebody. That’s what “I Only Have Eyes For You” does for me. It makes me safe and comforted, which is rare for a love song to do when I’m not in a relationship. It’s also just a hauntingly beautiful song.

3. “When The Sun Don’t Shine” by Best Coast

Ugh, I’m going to get so much crap for including a Best Coast song on this list. Whatever. I advise you to just listen to the song and hear the lyrics, “I just want to tell you that I’ve always loved you” without melting into sentimental mush. The earnestness in which it’s delivered coupled with the precious jangly guitars is almost too overwhelming for my heart to handle. A lot of the best love songs are just simple. Phil Spector and early Beatles built their fortune around delivering straightforward lyrics about love. Sometimes the most simple sentiments are the ones that can leave us breathless.

4. “Ten Storey Love Song” by The Stone Roses

The Manchester music scene wasn’t necessarily known for their love songs. They were more into being depressed and making everyone else around them depressed as well. But The Stone Roses were different. Their music was upbeat and cheerful with swirling guitars and energetic drumming. Their track “Ten Storey Love Song” is a sickeningly endearing song about building…something? For someone you love? I don’t actually know but I can say that it all sounds super sweet and charming.

5. “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails

This is not your mother’s love song. It’s raw, graphic and intense, but I also think there’s heart underneath the cold industrial beat and rough vocals. “You get me closer to God?” I mean, gee thanks! Plus, that piano part at the very end is so sweet!

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