21 Wonderful Things My Mother Does That Deserve A Giant Thank You

Mother’s Day. Today we celebrate the gift of having a mother. We’ve all had a mother at some point in our lives. For all of those whose mother is still alive, be grateful, cause not everybody has that privilege. Some may have a great relationship with their moms, while others might have a distant one, but at least for today we should forget everything that’s keeping us away from them.

Why do we need a specific day to tell our moms we love them? Shouldn’t we do it every single day of our lives? They’re always there for us no matter what and sadly only on Mother’s Day is when most people remember the good things their moms have done for them. We write essays and poems and songs for them (as I’m doing it right now), buy chocolates and flowers and the stuff they love so they can be happy, but again, that feeling lasts for a day.

This is for every mom on this planet, but especially for my favorite one, my amazing mom.

Thank you mom:

1. For always catching me when I fall.

2. For teaching me that no matter how many times I fall, I’ll always get back up.

3. For always cheering me on while attending most of my school plays and soccer games.

4. For always supporting me on every new project I wanted to work on. That support has been really helpful throughout my life and there are no words to describe how much I’m thankful for it.

5. For all the nights we spent doing homework and you being patient when I didn’t understood what I had to do.

6. For teaching me that the quote: “Stick and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” is a complete lie. Cause words are more powerful than a sword. They pierce your soul and those hits are the hardest ones. As a writer I know the power of words and I know this was one of the most important lessons I got from you.

7. For all those trips we took to the beach with my godparents, cause there we made good memories we’ll never forget.

8. For all the fights we had during the years we lived together, because they helped me to understand that I’m not always right.

9. For all the movies we watched on the living room. You always fell asleep during the movies, but at least you tried to watch it.

10. For trying to talk with me during a Champions League game even though you knew I wasn’t going to answer you back until half time.

11. For understanding that no matter how much you’d try, I would never pause my FIFA match.

12. For always taking pictures of me (even if I hate it) because you managed to capture important events in my life.

13. For understanding me every time I forgot your age and birthday. You know it wasn’t on purpose and never reproached it to me, but I always ended making it up for you somehow.

14. For all the breakfasts we enjoyed without my dad and brothers, just because we wanted some mom & son time.

15. For encouraging me to keep on with my writing and for reading all of my writings.

16. For always giving me pizza, hamburgers and stuff like that for lunch when I was at school. I know, this sounds like I’m a fat guy, but I’m actually thin and I love my mom understood pretty well that even if she gave me that, with all the exercise I made throughout the week I was going to get rid of all of that fat haha.

17. For always giving me movie tickets for me and my friends for movie premieres. You really knew how to make me happy.

18. For teaching me that in order to get things I had to save money to buy them, even though you always ended up paying most of the stuff I wanted to buy.

19. For buying every book I wanted to read, because without that contribution I wouldn’t be the book worm I am now.

20. For accepting my friends even when you were not convinced they were the best for me.

21. For all the great advice you gave me and for all the “I told you” moments.

As a guy, receiving advice from your mom can be weird and awkward, cause you usually receive them from your dad, but even if your mom gives it to you, later in life you come to realize she was right. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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