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Don’t Forget To Breathe

To think that we need to be reminded of the importance of breathing should be scary enough, but maybe it’s also because we take for granted all the benefits it presents us with.

The Cure Isn’t Always The Answer

You should know that there are people in life who would complain about the brightness of a sunrise. There are people in life who would look at a perfect dusk and complain that it’s not bright enough for them to read their book. There are people in life who would listen to birds chirping happily in the trees and find fault in their tone.

He Loved Me For The Mess I Was

That’s the meaning of love. When you see someone in a vulnerable state, when their eyes are cast downwards from being ashamed of who they are, that’s when you love them harder. When I am embarrassed of simply being myself, he quietly mumbles to me, “I love you for you.”

The Power Of Connecting With People Honestly

The truth is, our lives are actually a lot about the messy moments, our not-so-proud moments, our darknesses, and the fight we fight every day to overcome them. So when people act like there is nothing happening in their lives because it just might be too ugly or straightforward or unflattering, we end up normalizing people who always tell you predictable things. 

Crawling Back Through Us

There are memories that stay locked firmly in my mind of which I am both unable and unwilling to let go of between us. I find myself crawling through them from time to time, remembering what it was like to hold you so close.

My Depression Is A Bad Employee

empty black rolling chairs at cubicles

After over half a decade of feeling this heavy sense of grief and overall mental discomfort, it becomes your normal. It’s kind of like seeing a coworker you hate every day for years on end. You grow used to it and deal with it, but you pray for the day they put their two weeks in.

For My Next Chapter, I Shall Prioritize My Self-Worth

This time, I plan to write a new story on my own. I shall compose new meaningful chapters. They will contain only the genuine moments; the people who truly appreciate my utmost understanding and undying love; and most importantly, the part of me that works on loving myself.

7 Reminders When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

7 Reminders When You're Feeling Overwhelmed

You’ve been in a similar headspace before. And you’ve gotten through it. It might not have been easy, but you made it until today. And that was the old you, who wasn’t armed with as much wisdom and experience as you are currently.

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