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How To Chase Him

How To Chase Him

Like his selfies, but make sure you do not like too many in a row because it will be obvious you have been stalking his page.

Sallie House: America’s Most Haunted Residence?

Sallie House

This humble little stone house on the banks of the Missouri River in Kansas is allegedly haunted by a girl named Sallie who died from a botched appendectomy in the house around 1905. According to multiple reports, she never forgave the doctor—nor any male who dared to enter the house since.

A Young Writer’s Diary Entries From Late November, 1984

Thanksgiving in Canarsie was wonderful. It was the night before Thanksgiving a dozen years ago when Ronna and I had our first date (Chloe in the Afternoon at the Midwood Theatre and then to the Foursome Diner for a bite; Ronna had the sniffles and wore a blue turtleneck). Who would have imagined we’d still be this close?

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