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(Almost) A Year Of You

We chase each other around the city, learning about each other and laughing, your hands on my thigh and my fingers in your hair, and we stand on the platform at Islington and you pull me into you, and the entire world goes silent.

55 Wise Words For Twenty-Somethings Struggling In ‘The Real World’

55 Inspirational Reminders For 20-Somethings Struggling In 'The Real World'

Growth doesn’t feel like growth. It feels like survival. Don’t forget to think back a year, five years, ten years and remember where you were. I guarantee if you think realistically, you’ll realize that even if you haven’t gotten to where you thought you wanted to be, you’re a better equipped and developed person now than you were then.

The Unedited Truth About Living In Poverty

When we hear of hard-knock cases that have had to move their families into shelters, or new countries for that matter, to escape poverty, war, natural disasters, danger, we say, “Well if that was me, I’d…”
The reality is that it isn’t us. Until it is.

When You Come Across A Wounded Animal

I too have been a wounded animal. I am here today at this point in my recovery because I did what I had to in order to heal. I stopped attacking those who reached out to me. I accepted responsibility for the role I played in getting wounded.

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