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The Uninvited Guest

There is one thing I’d like you to know.
If you feel like this pain will never end,
understand that this is never your permanent abode.

Demand A Fairer World, And Demand It Loudly

Can we beg and fight and kick and scream in the direction of lawmakers to fund things differently? To decry and denounce racial injustice, police brutality, and systemic forms of separation and inequality that keeps the wealth gap too wide to sew shut? Can we arrange a list of demands? 

Why I’m Officially Retiring From Modern Dating

Modern dating is comprised of casual relationships just to feel momentarily good about ourselves, until we remember that it was never love to begin with. Modern dating is the wall that breaks relationships apart, because it’s meant to be a short-term, casual thing- something not meant to last.

The Departure From Reality

She was thirsty. It was the middle of a 90 degree summer night and a steady sleep seemed unlikely. She turned over in bed to reach for a glass of water and suddenly everything around her was wet.

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