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9 Signs He’s Not Over His Ex-Girlfriend

9 Signs He's Not Over His Ex-Girlfriend

He keeps coming up with more and more reasons to avoid making your relationship official. Maybe he really isn’t ready for a relationship right now because his heart is broken and he’s trying to heal. Or maybe he doesn’t want to make you his official girlfriend in case his ex wants to get back together again. Maybe he’s trying to stay available for her. 

A Writer’s Diary Entries From Mid-August, 1986

Scott came over late last night after he “broke [his] girlfriend’s heart” by breaking up with her. She was so upset by the unexpected breakup that he “had to take her out for a drive to Brooklyn,” where they talked on the Promenade. Jeez. The girl probably didn’t know what hit her.

A Writer’s Diary Entries From Late July, 1986

There’s a little patch of Band-Aid on my arm where my blood was taken for the AIDS antibody test. Perhaps in as early as a week, I’ll know if I’ve been exposed to the AIDS virus. Dr. Rundle, the gay doctor I went to, told me to sign a fictitious name to the consent form. I signed it “William F. Buckley, Jr.”

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