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If You Have Forgotten, This Is What You Deserve

If You Have Forgotten, This Is What You Deserve

Relationships in your life should not make you feel like you are hard to love. You deserve to feel understood. Your heart deserves to feel understood. You should not feel like you have to apologize for who you are. You are human and you’re trying your best. So is your partner. But at the end of the day, you should never have to feel ashamed of your anxiety, or the way you feel things very deeply. The right person will work to understand you, and work to understand that. Because you deserve the kind of love that does the work to understand how you need to be loved.

What The Coronavirus Has Taught Me About Perspective

When I face any struggle or hardship in my life, I usually contemplate the different reasons until I find one that makes me feel a little bit better. Is it trying to teach me something? Is it trying to show me how lucky I am or how I need to have more gratitude? Or is it trying to change my perspective entirely?

Read This When You’re Not Sure How To Finish Strong

Whatever it is that’s ending—a job you slack off at those final two weeks, living in a city you’re about to move away from, even a year that did you dirty—it’s hard to walk away with that perfect balance of contentment and optimism, completion, and forward momentum.

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