10 Reasons Why Perpetually Single People Are The Most Difficult To Love

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Perpetually single people are realists and hopeless romantics at the same time. They know that love is always changing and there may not always be a happy ending fairytale. They believe that love is true if only it follows with actions and not just sweet words. They have faith in true love, but they don’t believe in love at first sight, because they know love is not as shallow as physical attraction and infatuation.

Perpetually single people demand true connection. Where attraction grows out of deep conversations and they exchange thoughts. They want you to break down your walls and be open about your insecurities, fears, and flaws, because they want to learn about you as deeply as they possibly can. They won’t judge you and they will share about their flaws as well; when perpetually single people open up to you, it means that they genuinely trust you.

Perpetually single people are used to loving deeply without any guarantee of reciprocation. They are usually the ones who care too much, love too much, and expect too much of their significant others. At first, being the ones who love too much hurts them, but as time goes by, perpetually single people learn that it takes courage to love deeply. Thus, they are proud of being themselves and they do their best to not fall in love with the people who aren’t worth their time.

Perpetually single people are familiar with the pain of a broken heart. They know exactly that a shattered heart is hard to mend, but they never lose hope and they survive. They heal their own heart without anyone’s help and are always able to rise up once again, again, and again. They are the strong ones who learn from their own mistakes, because perpetually single people are fearless when it comes to love.

Perpetually single people put their own standards on the relationship and they put in effort to make everything work out. They believe that love only works with both sides and it requires teamwork. They believe that love is not about those flower bouquets or fancy gifts, but it’s all about being present for each other. Love is about trust and it delivers by good communication. Perpetually single people fall in love without losing their minds.

Perpetually single people are independent and they don’t mind being their own company. They don’t list a romantic relationship as one of their basic needs, because they understand that they can fulfill their needs by themselves. For them, the romantic relationship only means that two people are working together to be better each day. A romantic relationship is not the answer to loneliness and they fully know that true love will come only if they put self-love above all.

Perpetually single people are selective in choosing their significant other, because they highly respect their own values and principles. They won’t invest their precious time to the people who don’t spread positive vibes or support their dreams. They will give their heart to the people who will help and support them in actualizing their skills and reaching their highest goals.

Perpetually single people will choose the one who has dreams as big as theirs, because they believe that love will be more precious if it supports both parties to achieve more in life. Perpetually single people know that love is not always about that lovey-dovey feeling, but is about the positive impacts for each other’s lives.

Perpetually single people are realists, but they believe that there is someone out there who’s specially made just for them. They believe that there is someone who’s different from the others and that’s why they are called the one. Perpetually single people never lose hope when it comes to true love.

Perpetually single people have the hardest time finding love, simply because not many people are brave enough to handle their bravery, optimism, and standards. People are afraid to get attached to them because love is something sacred for the perpetually single people. They take love seriously and once they give their heart to another person, they trust them to never break it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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