Have Faith In How Your Life Is Unfolding Instead Of Trying To Figure Everything Out

Your faith will always be your most powerful tool. It’s what gets you through the most difficult times and it’s what helps you let go of that which you can’t control. Faith helps you remain hopeful in the most depressing situations and it’s what gives you the motivation to keep going knowing that everything will eventually fall into place. Faith allows you to believe in yourself and your dreams against all odds. If you have faith, you can protect yourself from almost everything that’s trying to destroy you, including your own doubts and fears.

Having faith doesn’t mean you’re passive or weak and it doesn’t mean you’re a quitter. Having faith means you’ve tried your best at something that still didn’t work out or you’ve repeatedly gone after something that kept eluding you so instead of dwelling on why certain things aren’t meant to be yours, you just drop it, you let it go because you have faith that what’s meant for you will eventually be yours and what’s not will be replaced by something much better for you.

I can assure you that I’ve had this theory proven to me throughout the years, you know how they say what you resist persists, it’s true. The more I held on to something or someone because I thought they somehow belonged to me, the more I got hurt but the moment I let go, the moment I decided that the universe knows what’s best for me, it was easy to detach and move on. It was easy to understand why some things didn’t work out for me and how time will always reveal the exact reasons why.

Your faith will also be your most powerful tool when it comes to justice or those who did you wrong. It’s easy to get caught up in seeking revenge when you’re hurt or getting even with the people who caused you pain. It’s easy to get caught up in resentment and bitterness but I’ve also learned that in time, justice will come to you. Life will do to others what they’ve done to you. They’ll be put in the same position and feel the same way you felt. They’ll end up paying the price of their actions one way or another. They’ll learn the lesson the hard way and if you’re lucky, you’ll be there to watch but even if you’re not, have faith that those who deliberately betrayed you or took advantage of you will be served from that same dish one day.

Because faith allows you to live in peace knowing that you didn’t lose anything or anyone. You didn’t miss out on a once in a lifetime opportunity. You simply surpassed all that wasn’t meant for you. Faith allows you to understand that when one door closes, plenty of other doors will open so you don’t have to waste your precious time banging on that closed door. Faith allows you to rest your mind instead of trying to figure everything out because you know God already has.

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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