Someday You Will Get The Last Laugh

Someday You Will Get The Last Laugh

Someday you will get the last laugh. If you were real and genuine to someone who manipulated you or lied to you. You will get the last laugh when they finally realize that their games and their lies didn’t get them anywhere. That they lost someone real and you lost someone toxic. That eventually they will struggle to find another genuine connection and you will find something even more beautiful, stronger, and more consistent.

Trust me you will get the last laugh. If you had good intentions. If you tried a little bit harder or cared a little bit more. If you were willing to do whatever it takes to push through another rough moment or another obstacle. You will get the last laugh when you move on once and for all but they will be up at night wondering if they should have given a little more because the regret is killing them. The guilt of not saying and doing everything when they had the chance is keeping them up at night because they know they fell short. They know they held back on purpose and you didn’t deserve that.

Someday you will get the last laugh. When your emotions are no longer moving you. When you’re finally enjoying your time in peace without worrying about someone who’s mistreating you or making you feel like you’re not good enough. You will find your happiness in other things. You won’t be so consumed by their absence. You won’t be offended by their lack of effort or their hurtful words. You will be free. They will be a memory and you will find yourself again.

Trust me you will get the last laugh when you’re learning how to love yourself and what you deserve while they’re losing sleep because once again they chased after the wrong people, they chased after the people who didn’t truly love them, they fell for someone who used them again and they will look back and realize you weren’t like the rest of them. They didn’t have to guess where they stood with you or doubt your intentions or worry about you cheating on them because you created a safe zone for them. They knew you were loyal. They knew they could trust you.

Someday you will get the last laugh because sometimes people only think short-term. They want that instant gratification. They want the easy way. They want whatever makes them happy now and they don’t think about the future or who they really need in their lives. So they hurt the ones who care about them, they follow their vices, they break hearts, they act cold and selfish and they treat people like a joke because they want a good laugh now until they realize that the joke is on them.

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