What Slipped Through Your Fingers Probably Wasn’t Meant For You

What Slipped Through Your Fingers Probably Wasn’t Meant For You

There comes a moment in time when you look back on your life and rethink certain situations with certain people, you wonder if you did enough or maybe did too much. You wonder if you could have possibly changed the way some things ended and sometimes you wonder if there was more you could have done to hold on to people a little bit longer, that maybe you pushed them away too soon. We’re all guilty of doing that. We all wonder if we messed up with the people we loved or if we just didn’t think that it will be over someday.

But life teaches you that the things that slipped through your fingers probably weren’t meant for you. The people who just couldn’t make it in your story for more than a few chapters were not supposed to be part of your happy ending. Even the people who moved you, the people who made you feel alive, the people who gave you wonderful memories, they served their purpose. They weren’t sent to continue your journey with you, they were sent to show you a new way, a new path, a new road to take or another road to avoid. The people who came into your life and didn’t stay were not meant to be in it for the long haul. They were temporary visitors or occasional passengers. They were bridges on the way to the final destination.

And maybe part of it is your fault, maybe you didn’t get your claws into certain people when you had the chance, maybe you didn’t put up a good fight when things got harder to handle, maybe part of you just felt like giving up because you were looking for something that you didn’t find; reassurance, security, honesty or love. Maybe you were looking for all the right things in the wrong people or maybe part of you wasn’t ready to commit to someone on the level they wanted because you were still seeking your own truth, looking for answers and rediscovering who you really are.

But the truth is the things that slipped through your fingers whether it was your fault or not probably weren’t meant for you because if they were, somehow you would have found the strength to clench your fists so they don’t slip away. God would have somehow brought them back into your life so they can live your journey with you. You would have grown with them instead of outgrow them. They would have chosen to be by your side as you look for answers.

I can’t tell you exactly how it happens but I can tell you that the people and the things that are meant for you, little by little, find their way to you.

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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